The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: No Beginner’s Luck

 We’ve all made it! We’re past  Valentine’s Day and I sure hope it was an enjoyable one for you. Whether it  was you staying home and watching a phenomenal dunk contest, or missing everything for the sake of dinner…I do hope it was well spent. All jokes aside though, my weekend left me in a […]

Is College As Necessary As It Once Was? (Podcast)

Negro Please is back for Episode 2! In this episode the  guys continue their discussion from episode one. They cover their personal college experiences as well as discuss whether or not college is still a prudent decision heading into the real world. Was/Is it really worth it? Find out what these guys think. DamnPops is […]

Five Things You Need to Know (5/15/2013)- Justice Dept. Subpoenas Associated Press Phone Records

  Here are the top news headlines that may interest you for Wednesday, May 15th, 2013. Read, be informed, discuss, and prosper.

Five Things You Need to Know (4/10/2013)

  Here are the top news headlines that may interest you for Wednesday, April 10th, 2013. Read, be informed, discuss, and prosper.

The New Battle of the Sexes: Do Men Prefer Dumber Women?

It pains me to say that I honestly don’t know the answer to today’s question. Until last week, I might have confidently responded, “No” and laughed at the ridiculousness of the question. Then this happened: I was on Twitter and after observing a conversation about intelligence versus college degrees – please keep in mind that […]

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College is Pointless, but You Can Change That

As I near my 30th year on Earth, I find myself reflecting more and more on a number of past and current events. While I have found I care less about that which I deem insignificant, I do have a more critical eye towards life in general. Perhaps this is a natural side effect of […]

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Employers and Colleges Want to Deebo You Out of Your Passwords

When I read Government agencies and colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords, I immediately had visions of Red trying to negotiate the right to take his own damn bike back from Deebo in the movie Friday. “My pops told me to ask for my bike back… you know I wouldn’t trip.” – Red I don’t even […]