Are Male Bloggers Helping or Hurting Women?

I've actually seen a woman's notepad of notes from Male Blog posts. #TrueStory

 Share on TumblrIt was very difficult for me to put my finger on what I would discuss in my fourth installment of my series, Combating the Female Fear of Rejection. I knew that I wanted to focus the article around how men play a part in the female’s fear of rejection, but I wasn’t sure […]

Ten Acts of Desperation Women Perform to Keep Mr. Right


 Share on TumblrIn this part of my series, Combating the Female Fear of Rejection, I turn my attention to a few of the more disappointing things that women sometimes do when faced with rejection. I would preface this entire post with this message, just because you do one of these things, doesn’t make you desperate. […]

Five Ways Men Contribute To Female Insecurity

Tony just didn't know when to hang it up.

 Share on TumblrIn the next installment of my series, “Combating the Female Fear of Rejection,” I wanted to ensure that these posts went both ways. The most frequent feedback we receive from our female readers is a request that we give advice to men too. Although, we often give advice to men, y’all don’t read […]