Out in the Open: A New Understanding of Frank Ocean’s Novacane

Swim Good

 Share on TumblrI remember clearly the day I first heard Frank Ocean’s Novacane. It was the earlier part of last year, on an unseasonably warm March day. I remember the day specifically because I couldn’t help but drop the windows in the car; partly because of the weather and partly because of this weirdly infectious […]

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Your Man is Gay, Now What?

I learned a long time ago that if a Black woman starts her sentence with, "I know you ain't just gon'..."  That's actually your last chance to haul a*s.

 Share on Tumblr  I learned a long time ago that if a woman starts her sentence starts with, “I know you not gon’…”, run like hell. Gloria: Yeah, uh, I thought that maybe we, you know, like last time.  David: I should be honest with you.  Gloria: About what?  David: About me.  Gloria: What about […]