Do We Even Need To Date Anymore?


 Share on Tumblr Perusing the internet searching for a topic for this week’s blog I found a lot of the topics were all about the same thing. I think that most blog sites are always trying to convince people that something is missing or something went away that used to be here. Now at times […]

Only Time Will Tell: Speaking Up About Your Dating Intentions


 Share on Tumblr Last week I posed a question to Twitter asking if it was better to ask a man what his intentions are, or let him know yours when it comes to spending time with someone new. I was pretty surprised by some of the responses I received, which I will share later, but […]

War On Men: Should Women Avoid Dating an Older Man?

older black man younger woman

 Share on Tumblr SBM always welcomes reader questions, comments, and feedback. Check out our SBM Mail series here for past submissions and you can submit your own questions using the Contact Us page. Today’s reader ask: Good evening, I’ve been an avid reader of your site for a while now.  I have a question that has been discussed among my […]

Chivalry in the 21st Century

man holding door

 Share on Tumblr I’ll keep this short, SBM family. I was recently forwarded the following video over on Twitter called What Gentlemen Think. I had my doubts, but it turned out to be a pretty hilarious video. As a side note, it reminded me of an awkward encounter I had a few weeks ago as I […]

Defending a Woman’s Honor: Should disrespect always be addressed?


 Share on TumblrEditor’s Note: SBM has collaborated with popular dating and relationship website, Madame Noire. This week I was asked to respond to how and when a man should defend a woman’s honor. “Should you defend your woman’s honor?” Yes. The question is simple; the answer is complex, which is why it comes up all the time. Many of us […]

Can I Get That In Writing

 Share on Tumblr “To put it another way, every love relationship is based on unwritten conventions rashly agreed upon by the lovers during the first weeks of their love. On the one hand, they are living a sort of dream; on the other, without realizing it, they are drawing up the fine print of a […]