The Dating Middle Class: Are We Ignoring the 47 Percent?


 Share on TumblrRemember when that one guy running for president made that offhand comment about ignoring the 47 percent and 99 percent of people took exception? What if we’re guilty of making the same supposedly unforgivable mistake in our own dating lives? Is there really a “good man” shortage, ladies? Are women really asking for too much, fellas? […]

Are Black Women Right to Blame Black Men for Their Personal Insecurities?

light skin vs dark skin

 Share on Tumblr  Last week, I dropped a post about qualities that I go out and look for in someone that I would consider a companion. I don’t think I did anything wrong, but where things got hectic was when I tried to make a corollary with Amber Rose and implied that she is the […]

Couples Quarrel: Business Dinners with the Opposite Sex

C'mon now. It was just a card!

 Share on TumblrThe following takes place after I walk into my apartment with the boopiece and a pocket full of business cards and innocence. I keep the stack of cards next to my computer so I can email everybody I said I’d follow up with. Slim: Great event tonight. Made a lot of good contacts. […]

Rantings of an SBM

 Share on TumblrAnother Friday … another chance to rant. I don’t care what anyone says … but for a 40 year old politician … Sarah Palin could get it.  I would make her change her policies and have her speaking without that irritating ass Alaskian accent.  While I am a firm Barak supporter … If […]

Moving On …

 Share on TumblrOver the past 3 days, been a lot of good back and forth and I think I can officially call The Comeback Girl my sister blog. Its been fun, but I can’t keep up with all of the comments and this is just to much. Been some good comments and posts in response. […]