A Few Thoughts on Drake, Men and Emotional Vulnerability


Tweet Since the panel I was apart of in DC about ‘Emotionally Unavailable Men‘ last month, I’ve thought about what I could write that pertains to the topic. I went back and read Mr. Spradley’s ‘So Don’t You Fall In Love: A Thesis for Emotionally Unavailable Men’ to form some ideas and came to the conclusion that […]

This Is It: Has Jay-Z Become Fat Elvis?


Tweet   In Part 1 of a three-part podcast involving myself and seveneighteen contributors McFly and Cousin D (along McFly’s brother Mack Mittens and Young Elvis), we started talking about Drake’s success, then somehow got to if Wu-Tang Clan was ever that good, if Jay-Z is now Fat Elvis, and comparing Reasonable Doubt to Illmatic. Unfortunately the […]

10 Very Drake-y Lines from Nothing was the Same

(source: DeadFix.com)

Tweet Drake’s third studio album, Nothing was the Same, which will officially drop on Sept. 24th- hit the e-streets about 24 hrs ago. If you do a little diggin’ maybe you can give it a few listens. In honor of Drake’s leak, Vulture.com serves up a list of ten of very Drake-y lines: 1. “Naked women swimmin, […]

You Heard It? The Kendrick Lamar Verse on Control


Tweet All you have to say is the “Kendrick Lamar verse” and your fellow brethren will know exactly what you speak of. Over the last 24 hours, Kendrick’s verse on Big Sean’s song ‘Control’ has made its rounds on Twitter and every other social media platform. The verse was hot because it embodies exactly what Hip-Hop […]

10 Quick, Yet Hilarious Observations from Last Night’s Grammys


Tweet Let’s take a quick look at what transpired at the 2013 Grammy Awards last night — here’s a quick list of 10 observations that stood out to me: 1. Whatever in holy hell Frank Ocean was talking about during his acceptance speech had most of America like, “Is Frank Ocean getting ready to put […]

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The 10 Real Reasons Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Are Beefing


Tweet I’ve been on mental vacation since my birthday earlier this week. With the exception of watching Gunplay from MMG get thrown around like a ragdoll, I haven’t paid much attention to any news in the Entertainment business. I had two choices today on what I wanted to do for my humorous post on Friday. […]

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Will Hip Hop Die If We Don’t Purchase “Good” Music?


Tweet Nas released a gem last week. If you like rap music and you haven’t heard it by now, I would recommend you do so at your earliest convenience. It’s been a while since we’ve heard this type of rap music and it has been missed. A few of my frat brothers and me started […]

Why Success and True Love Always Seem to Misalign

This week has been a bad message, we need a happy ending... just not from these two.

TweetLike most people, when I left home for college, I told my high school sweetheart that we would be together forever. However, three years later we had grown so far apart our relationship seemed impossible to ever repair. It wasn’t because high school seniors don’t know what love is. It was simply because we grew […]

The Weekly ‘You Need to Chill’ Awards: Rihanna, Cold Weather, Drake, Howard U, Beyonce and Obama

Drake+and+Rihanna +Take+Care+video

TweetThis week’s edition of the ‘You Need to Chill’ Awards features; Mother Nature, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Yandy, Obama’s fundraising team, Melody Thornton, Beyonce, Trayvon Martin’s mama, Drake and Howard Homecoming. Let’s get into it since I know we don’t have a lot of time. Mother Nature Mother Nature is as indecisive as a shy stripper. […]

Barbershop Fridays at SBM: 15 Thoughts about Drake, Diddy, Rick Ross and the Current State of Hip-Hop


Tweet Sitting in the chair while getting a cut, I’m trying to get one of the guys to actually explain himself when he says, “Hip hop is dead.” It’s very popular to say that nowadays, but harder to explain. Not many people keep the perspective of realizing that hip hop changes every few years, into […]