The Re-Appearing Ex

Another reader looking for information and enlightenment. While I can get it started, we all know the truth will come out in the comments. Make sure to pitch in. Don’t forget to email your questions to [email protected] check out our responses to all of our reader questions by clicking here. Hello Single Black Male, I […]

I Don’t Know No Kionna: When You Run Into Your Ex with Your Current

You’re out with your current beau/gal at a lounge and spot someone you used to kick it with. Dang, they saw you too! :-/ From that point forth, you avoid eye contact, but you can feel them looking at you every 1.5 minutes which you are enjoying laughs and giggles with your main squeeze. You […]

Double Standards in Relationships: The 90-Day Sex Rule

I can’t remember where I saw it, whether it was on Twitter or one of the blogs that I follow, but the topic was what a woman should think about a guy if he hasn’t tried to have sex with her in 90 days. Women were lined up ready to assassinate this guy. If he […]