5 Unrealistic Expectations Men Have of Women


 Share on Tumblr Do men ever admit to women that they’re slightly crazy in the things that they expect out of women? Not really. I think that’s the way the game works though. Women don’t tell men about all the things they’ve got going on and we don’t tell them either. When it comes to […]

The Real Reasons Why We're Single


 Share on Tumblr The internet is not at all short of posts about why you or anyone else is single. It’s actually a ploy to try and get you to keep reading blogs, online magazines, or however any of these sites wants to classify themselves. Let me be the first to tell you, most of […]

Why Men Need Dating Standards Too


 Share on Tumblr I was recently giving thought to past failures and things that go on in dating when I observed that a lot of men are put in positions where they’re constantly dealing with responding or reacting to a woman’s needs. I don’t think I ever looked at it this way until recently. Most […]

Confessions of a Cerebral Dater: Unspoken Expectations of Partners


 Share on Tumblr  I’m learning to deal with my issues inside and outside of relationships. Most of my issues come from my cerebral nature and approach to dating that to some make very little sense, and others are almost the absolute gospel. I should remind you guys that outside of SBM, and blogging in general, […]

Do Men Ever Step Up Without A Woman’s Expectations?

Is he leading you where you want to go?

 Share on TumblrA few months ago, I wrote an article titled “The Truth About New York: How Big City Dating Corrupts Single Men.” It was about how big cities make it easier for men to buck traditional trends when it comes to dating. Put more succinctly, it was about how big cities make it easier […]

The Art of Baselining

 Share on Tumblr****** Admin Note ****** This guest post comes from a personal friend of mine.  I’m trying to get him to write on the regular … but his schedule is nuts.  I hope ya’ll enjoy it like I did. – SBM ********************** Theo H. Jones’ friend: “Man, how am I flying back and forth […]