What Do Men Learn About Rape Growing Up?

Not too long ago, the Steubenville, OH, rape case met the news feed and men everywhere were asked to teach other men not to rape. I, however, decided that it was an important time to remind women that not all men are predisposed rapists. My dad never had an explicit conversation with me about rape, […]

Father’s Encouraging Words Bring Son to Tears [Video]

We came across this video on TheGrio.com of a proud father of a student at Devonshire Elementary School in Charlotte, N.C. sharing his thoughts on the progress the school and his son have made over the years. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video speaks for itself. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world […]

Does a Woman’s Relationship with Her Father Affect Her Relationships?

With Father’s Day coming up this week, there are a lot of questions floating around the web about what makes a good or bad father. I was recently asked if a woman’s relationship with her father factors into whether a man will date/marry her. Like most relationship-based questions, it’s complicated. While a woman’s relationship with […]

Father’s Day: A Grateful Child Reflects

This week, various SBM writers will reflect on what Father’s Day means to them as the children of fathers or as the father’s of children. I haven’t been blessed enough to become a parent, yet, so I’ve decided to share a post dedicated to my father for Father’s Day. I hope you enjoy. Please also […]

Six Lessons: Advice for Fathers to Be

Now that Mother’s Day is officially over, the next (approximately) 30 days are the lead in to the one day where most people take time out to give Dad a lil’  bit of extra love. This will especially ring true for all the men who will be celebrating their first official Father’s Day (like Mr. […]

10 Things About Life I’ll Teach My Daughter

Mr. Spradley writes an excellent piece on 5 Things He’ll Teach His Son About Women. If you’ve never read it, I would take a look at it when you get a chance. Now I thought I’d try and take a stab at a post just like that but about my daughter. Most men are scared […]

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Five Things About Men I’ll Teach My Daughter

You guys wanna know a secret? More than anything, I’ve always wanted a daughter. When the prospect of having children was nothing more than a distant dream, the child I dreamt of the most was my future little girl. As I’ve gotten older and the idea of having children has progressed from dream to long […]

Five Things About Women I’ll Teach My Son

One of the things I look forward to most when I think about fatherhood is passing along to my son all of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned from my years of learning women. I never got to experience these things with my father. I look forward to experiencing with my son, his first crush, […]

That Kid Ain’t Mine: Why Men Deny Fatherhood

There are a few sounds in a Black man’s life that he will always know without having to be taught or experiencing them. I remember the first time that I heard gunshots ring out on the basketball court, I didn’t need someone to tell me what it was or how to react, it was instinct. […]