Letter To My Girlfriend About Football

I first posted this in September of 2009. Since then, it’s been syndicated, duplicated, sampled and responded to by several other sites on the Internet. With the start of the football season upon us, it’s only right that we post this again for all of you to enjoy. Babe, You know that I appreciate you. […]

SBM Sports: 3 Reasons Jameis Winston Should STILL Be the Heisman Favorite

Make no mistake; there is only one choice for the Heisman Trophy this season: Jameis Winston. Winston’s numbers have been incredible, and he’s done it without playing in the fourth quarter of many games. He has the Florida State Seminoles in position to play for their first BCS National Championship since 2000. So what’s the […]

8 Things The NFL Can Teach You About Love

In honor of Super Beyoncé Bowl Sunday, I wanted to take some time and reflect on some of the lessons I’ve learned from the NFL this season. 2012 was a hell of a year. Not only did I get a new HD TV just in time to watch my favorite team (The New York Jets) […]

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Five Reasons Why The 49ers Will Win Super Bowl XLVII via @SevenEighteen_

(Preface: I am a devoted Niners fan. I am completely biased, I think our poo poo smells like Pledge and fried chicken. These are my thoughts, I sleep through the night.) I have labored through this… and this… then this… And then there was this… Then alas… Nonetheless, it’s a good time to be a […]

The Un-winnable Game Black College Football Coaches Play

Before getting into this post, I want to address the tragic situation surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m happy the team won this Sunday, but feel the game should have been delayed. Now three days after the shocking murder-suicide of Kasandra Perkins, there are still unanswered questions and unrest as everyone tries to unravel what […]

SBM Sports: Do Tony Farmer, Tyrann Mathieu, or Dez Bryant deserve our sympathy?

Just this summer, we have seen athletes arrested and convicted on a variety of charges. My first reaction, like many of you, is to say “tough break” and keep it moving. If those athletes can’t manage to stay out of trouble, then who cares, right? The sheer number of cases forced me to reconsider my […]

Letter To My Girlfriend About Football

***Admin Note: This is a throwback, but I feel like saying this again. Copy this into an email and send to all of your boys and tell them to send to their girlfriends immediately.  Football is back.  Amen.  I’m not even asking for women to comment about how they like football too, that’s cool, but […]

The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

***** Admin Note ***** Today ushers in the 400th post on this site. Not a man of big celebrations, it does make me think back to the days where I was grinding hard, trying to make a name, and posting all by myself every single day.  We’ve come a long way! – SBM ************************* What […]