10 Quick, Yet Hilarious Observations from Last Night’s Grammys

Let’s take a quick look at what transpired at the 2013 Grammy Awards last night — here’s a quick list of 10 observations that stood out to me: 1. Whatever in holy hell Frank Ocean was talking about during his acceptance speech had most of America like, “Is Frank Ocean getting ready to put down […]

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Are Women No Longer Afraid Of Men “On The Low?”

I have a coworker who came into my cubicle area one day and did what bothers me the most. She asked an obvious question as if she needed someone else to confirm something bright as day. It went like this: Betsy: Jay, can you do me a favor real quick? Jay: Why are you crying? […]

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Will Hip Hop Die If We Don’t Purchase “Good” Music?

Nas released a gem last week. If you like rap music and you haven’t heard it by now, I would recommend you do so at your earliest convenience. It’s been a while since we’ve heard this type of rap music and it has been missed. A few of my frat brothers and me started to […]

Out in the Open: A New Understanding of Frank Ocean’s Novacane

I remember clearly the day I first heard Frank Ocean’s Novacane. It was the earlier part of last year, on an unseasonably warm March day. I remember the day specifically because I couldn’t help but drop the windows in the car; partly because of the weather and partly because of this weirdly infectious groove streaming […]

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For The Woman I’ll Love: Thinking About You

A few weeks ago, Slim Jackson wrote Do Men Think About Their Wedding Day? Because I haven’t thought much about my wedding day, the post actually made me think about the mortality of my parents. While EBM came under fire for expressing similar sentiments, I couldn’t care less about my wedding day. It’s one day. […]