How A Man Can Avoid The Friend-Zone

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 Share on Tumblr Men get friend zoned for one reason and one reason only: they’re too available. When you’re friend-zoned by someone, they know that no matter what, they can always depend on you as a plan B if all of their other less available options don’t work out. Whether we like it or not, […]

The Strain of Being Mr. Nice Guy

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 Share on Tumblr There’s always talk about Mr. Nice Guy (MNG).  He’s the guy who, depending on the severity of his niceness, is either related to or the same as the man who saves.  MNG can end up in the the dreaded Friend Zone quicker than a virgin experiencing his first orgasm (or so I […]

Moving From Friends To Lovers


 Share on Tumblr Sometimes you want to make a running dash from the friend zone to the end-zone. You’ve been great pals, but you’ve began to develop feelings and want to see if anything romantic is actually there. Here’s some advice to a reader from The Frisky on how to become lovers: “I’ve been spending a […]

A New Twist on an Old Problem: The Friend Zone Should Inspire You to Improve Yourself

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 Share on Tumblr The Friend Zone is the harshest prison on earth. You get imprisoned not for doing anything wrong, but for being who you are. It makes sense then that people take their time there to heart. What people don’t realise is that it shouldn’t be a punishment, but rather an opportunity. It is […]

How Can Women Escape the Friend Zone?


 Share on Tumblr A SBM reader asks the following (submit your own questions here): I’ve been friends with this man for 1 year and we have a friends with benefits relationship. We only saw each other like once a month in the beginning, but lately in the past 3 months we’ve been seeing each other […]

How to Meet Women While Avoiding Girls and the Friend Zone


 Share on TumblrThe other day I was having a conversation with my friend. Not surprisingly, we got to talking about women. Ok, who am I kidding? All we talked about was women. As a man, you talk about women a lot but as you get older, you talk about women differently. Being a (decent or […]

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How Can Women Avoid The Friend Zone?


 Share on Tumblr I was hoping you could offer me some tips about how to avoid being the “homegirl”. I have two older brothers and was a tomboy while growing up. I enjoyed playing with trucks more than I did dolls. I loved being “one of the boys” and bonding with my brothers while watching […]

The Friend Zone: Where Good Men Are Punished for Being Good Men

The Friend Zone

 Share on Tumblr Let me open by stating that men and women can be friends. That issue, as far as I am concerned, is dead. However, you will find that women typically dictate the course of these “friendships.” Telling a man who likes you as more than a friend that you see him as “just a […]