Problem Solved: Just Date Your Friends


Take a look at your circle of friends. I’m sure you have people of the opposite sex mixed in there, which is expected. Now, when I say friend, I mean actual friend. Not someone who you mess with from time to time, but a genuine platonic friend. These are the people who you call when […]

Could Your Friends Be Holding You Back?


I heard this theory about how parents are inherently flawed in the fact that they never encourage you to truly chase your dreams. Yes, they may encourage you to chase a dream, but if it’s outside the realm of an attainable and realistic goal they are likely to tell you to try something else. When […]

Urban Male Chronicles: What Are We Supposed to Do? What Are We Supposed to Say?


I was grabbing lunch with an acquaintance of mine that also happens to be a Black male HR professional. He’s the HR expert assigned to my organization by his massive and well-known company. Despite our frequent email exchanges, occasional meetings, and catch up calls, we’d never really gotten to know each other outside of business. […]

Five Things About Men I’ll Teach My Son

Do as I say, not as I do.

A few months ago, I caught the baby fever. Yeah, it happens to men sometimes too. I found myself watching parents with their kids and couldn’t help but picture myself with my own miniature version of myself. I often think about what kind of parent I’ll be and what nuggets of wisdom I’ll pass along […]

Friends vs. Associates: How Do You Know Who’s Who?


Friend is a term that I see thrown around carelessly on a daily basis. I think that as children, we are ingrained with the notion that friend should be used in a broad sense. Anyone that you didn’t hate, but knew randomly, was a friend. As we grow older and experience these so-called friends disappoint, deceive, and […]

The Friend Zone: Where Good Men Are Punished for Being Good Men

The Friend Zone

Let me open by stating that men and women can be friends. That issue, as far as I am concerned, is dead. However, you will find that women typically dictate the course of these “friendships.” Telling a man who likes you as more than a friend that you see him as “just a friend” is the […]

I Need My Personal Space (Only Child Syndrome and More) feat. The Most Interesting Man in the World

A man asks for his space and now it's the silent treatment.

  I had just finished dropping some groceries off at my grandmother’s house when I said in frustration, “I actually have to get going because I got a million errands to run today, I’m about to take my phone home and leave it there.”  The only part that was frustration was the fact that I […]

Girls Are Not Your Friend

ciara-and-the-dream- just friends

I don’t want to be friends with any woman. If I am your friend it’s because A) I screwed up somewhere along the line or B) we’re related. I’m not talking about work associates or we have a class together buddy. I’m talking friend. My homie has nearly 80 bbm contacts 70 something are cute […]

Habitual Line-Steppers like Delonte West


There should never be a rumor that someone slept with your mother on the street. And why would you want to have sex with your running buddy’s mother? This is not American Pie, it is not cool for Finch to sleep with your mom. Especially when she’s not that hot, at all. Have you ever […]

Let’s Be Friends

right coast lex steel rcls

The title of today’s post is the bullsh*t line most people hear during a break up in between the other bullsh*t lines of  “It’s not you, it’s me” and “I’d rather have you as a friend than not in my life at all.”  (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.)   Unless one […]