Do Men Judge Women By Their Hair?


This week, I dropped my perspective on the hair debate, looking at it from a holistic angle, on MadameNoire. Check out the snippet here: A few months back, I wrote an article about women changing hairstyles impulsively. The point in this argument was that sometimes, women want a change so bad that they will resort to […]

I Hate Weaves – Part Deaux

Two Indians & a latino were killed in the making of this hair

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post.  There was something bubbling within me and I had to release it.  A black bubbly hatred that was sure to soon consume me. I dropped “I Hate Weaves” It was an innocent post.  I had one goal with that post: tell the story of […]

Wrappin’ It Up

"Whaddya mean you're not in the mood now?"

I know her hair isn’t wrapped but I couldn’t resist… The following conversation takes place between 11:47pm and 11:49pm: M’Likshawnquan: You gonna take that thing off? Jane: Damn baby, you getting straight the point tonight, huh?  ::Starts taking shirt off:: M’Likshawnquan: Not the shirt…well actually keep taking the shirt off…I was talkin’ about that scarf.  […]

I Like Hair

I fux with this...

I fux with this…and not cuz of her complexion. I tend to think that I’m a simple man. I don’t ask for or look for too much when it comes to the appearance of women. Like most of you, I just want to date someone that I find attractive and avoid drama and tomfoolery. Granted, […]