So What Do Jay Z and Iggy Azalea Owe the #ICantBreathe Movement?

If you’re a frequent Tweeter/Facebooker, you’ve probably seen the photo above. If not, it’s from last night’s Brooklyn Nets game. Jay Z posed with members of the team beforehand, setting off a social media tidal wave in the process. In my unscientific opinion, the reaction was about 80/20, with the majority questioning why Jay couldn’t/didn’t/refused […]

The Time Was Illmatic: An Interview With The Director And Producer Of “Time Is Illmatic”

The following Interview was posted previously in Ammo Magazine by Shannon Thomas. In April 1994, Apartheid was the plague that cloaked South Africa. Former president Richard Nixon had just suffered a stroke. Rudolph Guiliani still presided as mayor of New York City’s cold, concrete streets. In the midst of all that was happening in the […]

This Is It: Has Jay-Z Become Fat Elvis?

  In Part 1 of a three-part podcast involving myself and seveneighteen contributors McFly and Cousin D (along McFly’s brother Mack Mittens and Young Elvis), we started talking about Drake’s success, then somehow got to if Wu-Tang Clan was ever that good, if Jay-Z is now Fat Elvis, and comparing Reasonable Doubt to Illmatic. Unfortunately the Drake […]

Yeezus – Disgustingly Awesome Art

The fall of 1973 found on the doorsteps of the jazz industry an album much different than anything they’d heard before. Herbie Hancock’s iconic album, Head Hunters was like nothing before it, it was what people describe as groundbreaking, trailblazing, a radical shift from the norm and a bold attempt to go where no other […]

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley Spark Controversy with ‘Accidental Racist’

LL Cool J high again, y’all. All jokes aside, LL Cool J has made news lately because his song with Country music singer, Brad Paisley has sparked controversy. The song, “Accidental Racist” features some very “odd lyrics.” Although LL Cool J and Brad Paisley still support the song and its lyrics, they appear to welcome […]

Earth to Chris Brown & Rick Ross: This is Not A Fairy Tale

Incoming message: Please remind the following that there are rules associated with this thing called real life. (CC: Chris Brown, Rick Ross) I’ve long said that hip hop (and I’ll include Chris Brown in that industry for now, although he’s a pop artist moonlighting in the hip hop community) was just a grown-up version of […]

Who Is Trinidad James? The Man Behind All Gold Everything

The Internet is buzzing; whether it be Twitter or a random gchat from an old homie, everyone wants to know: Who is Trinidad James? You may have heard the song “All Gold Everything”  in the club or seen several tweets and statuses on Facebook, but why now? Why is he suddenly the most popular guy […]

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Why The Hell Doesn’t Jay-Z Understand The Importance Of Occupy Wall Street?

  There used to be a time when hip hop stars made it very clear that they didn’t desire to be role models, or that they weren’t the people that should be sought after for opinion on matters such as politics and social injustice. Although you always had artists like Public Enemy and Dead Prez, […]

Does Hip Hop Ruin Black America’s Spotlight?

Hip hop, no matter how much we love it, contributes to racism in our world. I’m prepared to defend this point to everyone and anyone at any given time. While we love our genre, we have to keep in mind, that it’s hurting us, more than helping us. A close friend of mine always likes […]

[VIDEO] Budweiser #MadeInAmerica Festival Commercial Featuring Jay-Z

JAY Z and Budweiser have partnered to bring an exciting two-day music festival to take place on Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway during Labor Day weekend, September 1-2.  JAY Z will curate and headline the blockbuster roster of over 28 artists performing, including Pearl Jam, Santigold, Skrillex, Prince Royce, and Passion Pit among many others. The […]