Why Men Should Enjoy The Holiday Offseason


 Share on Tumblr Happy new year to everyone, and one time for Stuart Scott! I hope everyone had an enjoyable break or semi-break. I happened to thoroughly enjoy mine minus a couple of nonsensical events. But what’s a holiday season without those right? So now we’re in January and the dust is settled. For the […]

6 Dos and Don’ts for Dating During The Holiday Season

dating during the holiday season

 Share on Tumblr The holiday season is officially here! If you’re currently dating or in a new relationship, this may be the first holiday you’ll be spending with your partner. Although that’s really exciting, I’m sure there are some looming concerns in your mind. It’s my prayer that the following holiday dos and don’ts will […]

He Wants Me to Meet His Parents, But Who Else is Worth Meeting?


 Share on Tumblr You guys are in a blossoming new relationship and you’ve moved passed the awkward stage of “What are we?” You’re not pulling your hair out in frustration because the future is unclear. You are officially his boo thang and now you want to know exactly how serious he is. Well, a good measurement of […]

Do Holidays Really Define Your Relationship?


 Share on Tumblr WisdomIsMisery wrote a piece called, Tis The Season: Time to Define Your Relationship. It was pretty dope, but then Patia decided to do a response from a woman’s perspective. It turned out pretty dope as well. Check it out. Twas the Monday before Thanksgiving and all through my house, Wisdom Is Misery’s words […]

Tis The Season: Time to Define Your Relationship

Where's Keisha?

 Share on TumblrTraditionally, the holidays are filled with presents, joy, good food, family, and harmony and good will among your fellow man and woman. It’s a time of year when the welcoming warmth of a bed heated by the body of a significant other is a welcome break from the seasonal chill from outside. Yes, for many […]

We Be Grubbin: My Top 5 Thanksgiving Dishes


 Share on TumblrFor those who celebrate this holiday, Thanksgiving is a time for reflection. A time to give thanks to whatever deity you believe in for what you have in life. I love family holidays like this because with all of our busy lives, it’s hard to get my family all together to do anything. […]

Happy Memorial Day


 Share on TumblrToday, on this federal holiday we celebrate two things that are very important to all of us: First: Those that have fallen protecting and serving this country.  Today we remember the sacrifice they gave for so many of the freedom’s we have today. Second: Black People Foolishness Between Black Bike Week, Black Beach […]

6 ways we blame it on the alcohol – Cinco De Mayo edition

Watch the border when partying! JUEPA!

 Share on TumblrAs we celebrate Cinco De Mayo,  I think about patron, cerveza, coronas, and SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!! Nationwide observance of Mexican heritage.   I know everyone some people like to observe this day with an alcoholic beverage or 2, so I dedicate this post to everyone who likes having a good time with the homie LQ! We all have situations where […]

Christmas is Overrated. Yep. I Said It.

 Share on TumblrScenario 1 Female Friend 1: Hey Slim. Slim: What’s up? FF 1: Not much. What did you get your boo for Christmas? Slim: Nothing. FF1: OMG! Are you guys okay? Slim: We agreed to bypass the holiday stress. FF1: Sorry to hear. This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the […]

Rekindling Old Flames with a Blast From the Past

 Share on TumblrWith the holidays nearing we will travel from whatever our locations are around the country to our hometowns. It’s an excellent time to visit family and friends, enjoy home cooked meals, and hang out with the old buddies. I always enjoyed this time home from brick ass cold Syracuse, NY. I enjoyed hanging […]