Five Lessons Learned in Five Years of Writing


 Share on Tumblr I’ve been writing online for five years. I can remember starting with Facebook notes, then a Myspace blog, then my first personal site, then my group blog, then SBM, where you find me today. I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way, and wanted to share five of them with you. […]

How to Find a Good Relationship Partner


 Share on Tumblr “How you feel about yourself when you are in the relationship is perhaps the strongest predictor of whether you should stay in it.” One of the many great lines from this piece titled “3 Essential Signs of a Good Partner,” by Maya Ackerman over at The Change Blog. She opens the article […]

It’s Okay to Feel What You Feel.

I thought this was cool. Oh yeah, feel what you feel.

 Share on Tumblr  So last week on my personal blog, I wrote about a guy that I went to school with who recently took his girlfriend’s life before taking his own. Since writing that post, there hasn’t been a day that’s went by where I haven’t thought about how the news unfolded, the range of […]

A Black Male’s Adventures in Dating: Part 1

At least I didn't wear this hoodie...

 Share on Tumblr**Make sure you add me on Twitter. I’m there all day errday! Sorta…** “Hey Slim, I’m having a singles event and wanted to invite you if you’re free. Bring a friend that you’d recommend as worth getting to know—preferably of the opposite sex.” I got this text a little over a week ago […]