The Game of Life: Winning Time


 Share on Tumblr As a Knicks diehard fan, I cringed at the idea of ESPN producing a documentary (ironically for this post, called 30 for 30) about our wars with Reggie Miller. That was a crazy time in the history of the league, and those Pacers-Knicks rivalries gave us some of the most classic playoff […]

Time to Face Facts: The New York Knicks are For Real


 Share on Tumblr It’s finally time to admit it: the New York Knicks are contenders for the Eastern Conference — even if they did get blown out by the Rockets…twice. I thoroughly enjoy ribbing Knick fans because there is so much material (Isiah Thomas, 40 years without a title, Eddy Curry, Jerome James, etc.) and […]

Four Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Folks Who Don’t Root For The Home Team

I Got Sneakers Older Than Some Folks Fanhood

 Share on TumblrI judge people who root for sports teams from cities not their own. There’s just something about not rooting for your hometown team that strikes me as disloyal. There’s something about being from a place and wishing failure on the team that represents that place that makes me question not just your fanhood […]