Five Things You Need to Know(4/5/2013)


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SBM Sports: What Sunday’s Game Said About the Lakers’ Playoff Chances


 Share on Tumblr As the Los Angeles Lakers battle back to .500 (um…) respectability the playoff race, they started off by beating the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday in a game that felt like a tense Game 7. In coming out ahead, I lost myself in the action, thoroughly enjoying the back-and-forth between two seemingly evenly […]

4 Reasons the Lakers Firing Mike Brown was a Dumb Decision

Mike Brown O

 Share on Tumblr The NBA season is off to an eventful start with the firing of Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown after five (5!!) games. The Lakers, fresh off the acquisition of two hall-of-famers, had lots of excitement headed into this season. Some idiot even picked them to win the championship. All of that […]

SBM Sports: Round 2 NBA Playoff Predictions – Western Conference

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs

 Share on Tumblr The Second Round of the NBA Playoffs is underway, and this is when series get competitive (sorry, Knick fans). My first round Western Conference predictions went pretty well (…despite the Grizzlies, who can’t score 75 points at home). Anyway, it’s time for Jay C00ke and I to update our predictions for the […]

Four Reasons Why I Can’t Stand Folks Who Don’t Root For The Home Team

I Got Sneakers Older Than Some Folks Fanhood

 Share on TumblrI judge people who root for sports teams from cities not their own. There’s just something about not rooting for your hometown team that strikes me as disloyal. There’s something about being from a place and wishing failure on the team that represents that place that makes me question not just your fanhood […]

See You in Your Nightmares: Blake Griffin Dunks on Pau Gasol…Twice

Right before the crime.

 Share on Tumblr  This is how fights start. You get dunked on like this once and you’re traumatized, but can brush it off.  You get dunked on like this twice in one game and you just need to throw a punch and deal with the repercussions later. Ignorant it may be, but hey, sometimes you […]

Because You Been Drinking…


 Share on Tumblr  A few weeks ago, I showed up to some bar and my friends had already been there.  Almost immediately upon walking in, someone said something extremely offensive, but they laughed about it too.  And I hate when people do that, they try and laugh so it seems like a joke, but between […]