Take A Vacation: What I Learned Away At My Family Reunion


It’s been a while folks and I’m glad to be back. I spent a week in Panama celebrating my family reunion. I’ll fill you in on those details in a few. What I did want to touch on was the irony of how my vacation started. The day I landed in Panama I believe was […]

Feeling Unfulfilled? Read This.

Worried businessman

“How the hell do people do this?” I’d just walked in from a long day’s work — something I should be thankful for in a down economy. My hands felt like ice blocks and my face was numb from the jolting breeze. I couldn’t get my coat off soon enough so I could sink into […]

Urban Male Chronicles: What Are We Supposed to Do? What Are We Supposed to Say?


I was grabbing lunch with an acquaintance of mine that also happens to be a Black male HR professional. He’s the HR expert assigned to my organization by his massive and well-known company. Despite our frequent email exchanges, occasional meetings, and catch up calls, we’d never really gotten to know each other outside of business. […]

Bittersweet Memories: Reflecting On the Incomparable Whitney Houston


I felt this one. More than the passing of any other entertainer or celebrity, Whitney Houston’s death resonated with me in a way I never would have imagined possible. I started and stopped this post three different times, each time trying to figure out exactly what it was about Whitney that made her, for me, […]

Kissing. I Effin’ Love It.

What's the rush? Enjoy the moment.

One of the first things I look at when I meet a woman that I may be interested in is her lips. No, I’m not looking at them to see if they have the potential to provide high speed internet—especially since lip size and fullness don’t automatically mean that someone has a high IQ. I […]

Why Am I Suddenly So Hot?

I think I'm feeling like 1/1000th of what he gets from women daily.

My homegirl Miss Jenkins wrote a post yesterday on Thirsty Chicks…and I ain’t talkin’ lack of H2O consumption. As I laughed heartily at her description of thirsty broads, I thought about my time here in NYC so far and the interactions I’ve had with women in the real world. When I lived in Boston for […]

Applying the 80/20 Rule to Daily Life


**** Admin Note **** Don’t forget the new SBM.org shirt store! Help us out and support the site.  Support us! http://singleblackmale.spreadshirt.com/ – SBM ***************** I was talking to one of my friends about daily life occurrences and he brought up the Pareto Principle, which is also known as the 80/20 rule. In it’s fundamental meaning, […]

Late Pass – Things I Discovered #in 2009


Tis the season for year end wrap ups, resolutions, and favorite ____ of 2009 and the decade on the internets. While we won’t have anything like that here which may be a possible #swindle because I don’t know what everyone else is writing about this week, lol I thought I would look back on 2009, […]

We Off That

This used to be hot back in the day?! #FAIL

I’ve been pressing all week to write this post. You see…this post falls on a special day for me. Scorpio season has returned, and it’s your favorite October Scorpios’ bornday! As I reflect on my time on this Earth, I see a maturity and overall evolution as a man. I also noticed a shift in […]

Your Name Is What? That’s a Fail.

***** Admin Note ***** As a few of you know, I am currently attempting to rent out a Condo in the Maryland Suburbs of DC (Largo/Upper Marlboro). It’s a 2 bed/ 2 bath and I need $1600.  Walking distance to the metro, and gated community.  If you are seriously interested, or know someone who is, […]