10 Secrets To Showing Him You Love Him

Over the past few days I have been asking for someone to indicate to me the types of things that women must do in order to make a relationship work and keep their man happy. While the initial person never responded, Young Belizean Lady helped give me a little insight over at her blog. I decided I would take […]

5 Things I Love About Being Married – From a Man

Ask a woman about being married, the response will be the same 90% of the time. “It’s wonderful” or “My Husband is my best friend” or even “I hate that cheating lying sumb*tch … but it’s better than being single”.  For the most part, it’s understood that married women love being married. Ask a man […]

How to Be A Good Housewife in 10 Easy Steps [WikiHow]

A housewife is a married woman who is not employed outside the home. Most often, the husband works during the day and earns income to support the family, while the wife takes on most of the non-financial responsibilities, such as maintaining the home and, if applicable, caring for the kids. It is up to the […]

Is It True Men Won't Read Relationship Advice?

Last week, MadameNoire asked the following: Do you ever wonder why there aren’t relationship books for men? http://t.co/pq7uHONmOP — MadameNoire (@MadameNoire) September 25, 2013 As a commenter said on MadameNoire.com, “men don’t seek relationship advice, they seek relations advice.” I have to agree. I think (most) men do seek advice on how to get/meet more women, but they […]

20 Tips for Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

Recently, a well-known motivational speaker separated from his wife of 16 years. Despite claiming he is not a relationship expert, Gerald Rogers decided to share 20 tips on “Marriage advice I wish I would have had…” This post went viral, eventually resulting in him being featured on numerous national media outlets. Most of his advice […]

5 Lessons Learned from Failed Relationships that Made Me a Better Man

The other day, I realized that I’ve learned some of my best relationship lessons from my worst relationships. Sometimes, good relationships end simply because you’re not meant to be, the timing isn’t right, or some other arbitrary factor completely out of your control triumphs. Other times, you become a better partner because of the relationships […]

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15 Tips on Cheating and Managing Your Mistresses

Recently, someone asked me if “men enjoy being the sideman?” For those of you who are unfamiliar, the “sideman” refers to a man who plays the side-role to a woman he knows is in a committed relationship. His equal of the opposite sex is usually referred to as the “sidechick.” My answer: yes and no. […]

Top 11 Qualities Men Love About Women

With all the focus on bedroom skills, sometimes it seems like men forget the fact that the majority of the time they spend with a woman will occur outside of the bedroom. As the saying goes, “It’s not about who you want to spend your Friday night with but who you want to spend all day Saturday […]

5 Reasons He Doesn’t Want To Be Your “Friend”

For some men a lot of thought and hype goes into approaching a woman. Some men think “what’s the worst she can say?” Other fellas fear hearing a “no” from a woman indicating her disinterest. With that considered there is one curveball women seem to often throw. It confuses men. When a woman says to […]

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10 Marriage Tips From Happily Married Men

To gain a better insight on the male perspective of marriage than the usual “more oral, more relations,” I asked the fellas to provide tips that had nothing to do with sex. Although this restriction forced them to take a bit longer to respond, here is a compilation list of what they told me in […]