10 Silly But Relevant Deal Breakers for Relationships


I’ve been compiling this list of reasons to breakup with a person that while they may seem absolutely silly is actually telling of deeper and relevant information for a relationship. You may be thinking well if it’s silly how could it be any deeper than you found a reason early on to flee the scene […]

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Ten Things To Remember About Love in 2014


I’m not a big fan of New Year’s posts because I truly don’t believe there’s a difference between the 31st and the 1st of any month. Therefore if you didn’t get a Happy New Year from me on twitter or facebook or any other social media medium, charge it to the game. However, if someone […]

10 Secrets To Showing Him You Love Him


Over the past few days I have been asking for someone to indicate to me the types of things that women must do in order to make a relationship work and keep their man happy. While the initial person never responded, Young Belizean Lady helped give me a little insight over at her blog. I decided I would take […]

5 Unrealistic Expectations Men Have of Women


Do men ever admit to women that they’re slightly crazy in the things that they expect out of women? Not really. I think that’s the way the game works though. Women don’t tell men about all the things they’ve got going on and we don’t tell them either. When it comes to expectations that each […]

The Real Reasons Why We're Single


The internet is not at all short of posts about why you or anyone else is single. It’s actually a ploy to try and get you to keep reading blogs, online magazines, or however any of these sites wants to classify themselves. Let me be the first to tell you, most of those articles are […]

8 Signs Your Summer Fling is Ending… And It’s Time For a New One!


You only have one life to live. Why would you waste a second of it? That’s the same way you should approach summer flings, while they are fun and for the most part enjoyable they do have a shelf life. I read somewhere that most friends with benefits situations, or what I think is more […]

14 Things White People Won’t Ever Understand About Black People


Been a while since we’ve had a good list. I had originally planned on writing a response to a court case that happened last weekend, but then I realized it was time that we had a smile on our face. If only for one day, Black folks need something to smile and laugh about. While […]

15 Reasons Your Relationships Keep Failing


It’s so easy for us to give up faith in relationships. Many of us have thought about quitting several times. People will tell you, “When you fall off a horse, you have to get back on.” That’s provided you haven’t concluded that you don’t even want to be on that damn horse. Relationships can be […]

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Man


I often joke that the biggest hindrance to me finding women to date is how intimidating my female friends can be. I always imagine a game of taboo where I’m the keyword and my girlfriend probably wouldn’t be able to describe me to a room full of people, but if I let one of my […]

Leave Them Behind: 10 Things to Avoid on Social Media in 2013


In 2013, we will see the usual flux of New Year’s resolutionists declaring that THIS will be their year. They will talk about the change that will occur in their lives and how they will #BeTheBetter. While I have my own take on resolutions, I will agree that with a new year, some things should […]

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