Are Men Responsible For Round 2 in the Bedroom?


Tweet Most times when I begin to write, I listen to a song or two just to get my mind right. Today the ipod was on shuffle and “Tap Out” comes on. How fitting, right? Maybe it’s more ironic considering today’s discussion. Last week I wrote a post entitled “Ladies, This Can be Why Round […]

Ladies, This Can Be Why “Round 2″ Doesn’t Happen


Tweet Today’s post is dedicated to the discussion of sexual chemistry. To put it plainly, it’s an important attribute to any kind of sexual relationship. Through my discussions with friends and my own experience I’ve learned  few things. One of which is that a woman can take somethings personally. In this case, it’s where a […]

Picky or Patient: What Type of Dater Are You?


Tweet Nitpick- adj. Overly critical, esp. on trivial matters; focused on only trivial aspects Patient- adj. Quietly and steadily persevering or diligent, especially in detail or exactness Throughout the period of time that we date, we turn down many. Some people in our eyes are completely out of the question. Others might really be on […]

Have Blurred Gender Roles Pushed Men Away From Commitment?


Tweet About four years ago, I took a gender psychology course in undergrad. My term paper was based on how gender roles of women have changed between the 1950′s and present day. During this period of time women have made amazing strides. They’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and fought for equal opportunity. This […]

How Does a Man Approach a Newly Single Woman?


Tweet I don’t know! How about we start off with that and let it be known. I am not perfect in the world of dating. Although I’ve experienced great successes, i sure have some weak points. One of my biggest weak points is my timing. With women I have the shittiest timing this side of […]

Why Some Men Fear A “Church” Woman


Tweet   I tread on thin ice today. By the end of this post I am sure to ease the minds of all religious people. The title of this post isn’t exactly what you might think. Allow me to preface my post. I think if you’re a woman and you’re spiritual that’s great. I believe […]

The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy


Tweet   Today is all about part three. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. If you celebrate it I hope your plans are coming together smoothly. If you are new to this series please read part one and part two respectively. When we last spoke yours truly was in bliss I just had a Valentine’s Day that […]

The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: Robin Givens Livin’


Tweet A lot can change in the span of a year. That phrase wasn’t lost on me. It’s now exactly one year since part one of this story. In that one year, the biggest change was that I had began regularly dating another young lady. This was actually a person I had become friends with […]

8 Qualities Every Woman Looks for in a Man

Couple at bar.

Tweet It’s not rocket science in knowing if you are date material, you just have to know your strengths and weaknesses and what your potential boo may want in you. Because there are just certain qualities every woman looks for in a man and here are just a few of them. She wants a go-getter […]

The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: All Star Weekend


Tweet   It’s January 30th so the question “Do you see what I see?” should be answered with a resounding YES!  In a couple weeks it will be yet another Valentine’s Day. That means there will be people who love it and people who hate it. The rest of the people are probably in the […]