Most Men Will Never Abuse A Woman


This post is in response to a question about the animalistic nature of men in society, and it expands on a comment I originally made on What Do Men Learn About Rape Growing Up? Q: Are men as animalistic as society portrays them to be when it comes to self-control and sexuality? There are animalistic […]

Do Men Feel The Pressure Of Marriage As They Age?


At this point in my life, I’m six groomsman’s tuxedos in and two tuxes are already in plain sight for me for two of my closest friends’ weddings in 2014. And yes, everyone is starting to look at me and ask the question, “Do you ever see yourself getting married?” I’d be lying if I […]

Do Men Really Mind Spending Money On Women And What Are Their Expectations?


Q: When it comes to first dates, some men think they are entitled to physical action. On the other hand, some men don’t mind spending money on women just for their company (and sometimes those women think the fact that the man is spending money on them means he’s into them when it may not.) […]

How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public?


How Should Women Handle Anger And Arguments With Her Man In Public? When writing about relationships, it’s important to keep in mind a great deal of advice depends on the situation of the people involved. Given the unique nature of individual relationships, it’s often difficult to find a “one size fits all” answer. With that […]

Does a Woman’s Relationship with Her Father Affect Her Relationships?


With Father’s Day coming up this week, there are a lot of questions floating around the web about what makes a good or bad father. I was recently asked if a woman’s relationship with her father factors into whether a man will date/marry her. Like most relationship-based questions, it’s complicated. While a woman’s relationship with […]

Is Father’s Day Really Overlooked?


In about two weeks we’ll celebrate Father’s Day. Personally, I’ve got a pretty awesome dad. I grew up in a very “odd” house. Just a quick synopsis, my parents were married, divorced, married and are now divorced again. Despite all of that, my father has always had a big impact on my life and been […]

Is It Easier For Men To Say No Than It Is For Women?


SBM Contributor RealGoesRight takes a stab at answer why it is that men find it easier to say no than women. It’s difficult to say either way in my book. I know that it took me a long time to get to the point of being able to say, “No.” Probably longer than it does […]

Is It Harder To Date Women In Their Late 20s And Early 30s?


At times, women begin to fear that as they get older men will become less attracted to them and favor their younger counterparts. As a man who has dated younger and older, I’ve noticed some differences but I couldn’t conclusively tell you that one way or the other always holds to be better or easier. I do […]

Are You Cool With Your Boyfriend Frequenting the Strip Club?


It’s no secret around these parts that i’m a fan of the strip club. I’ve definitely given out a healthy serving of a round of applause on many of nights here in DC and across the country. People always ask me to write about the strip club and relationships — like all the time. I always hesitate […]

Is it easier for a man to find a wife?

man surrounded by women

No. Is it easier for a man to get into a relationship? Yes. But, what does that really mean? Does the ease of getting into a relationship dictate that a man can find a wife easier than a woman can find a husband? This is a which came first, the chicken or the egg debate. […]