Have Blurred Gender Roles Pushed Men Away From Commitment?


Tweet About four years ago, I took a gender psychology course in undergrad. My term paper was based on how gender roles of women have changed between the 1950′s and present day. During this period of time women have made amazing strides. They’ve grabbed the bull by the horns and fought for equal opportunity. This […]

Are You Following These Relationship Rules in 2014?


Tweet I will not rush things… I will make exceptions, but no compromises… I will not make it about me… I will make a list of what a want to change about me…. I will make a list of what I want in a mate…. I will celebrate small wins in my relationships… I will ask […]

Does Empty Sex Lead Men To Commit?


Tweet   All men wonder one thing at some point in their lives. We all ask ourselves when will we know we are ready to commit? The photos I’ve provided here illustrate marriage as the ultimate form of commitment. Do not be swayed as I am not only speaking about marriage. When I say commitment, […]

Why We Need to Change the Conversation About Engagement Rings


Tweet In the wake of Dwayne Wade proposing to Gabrielle Union, I am sure you all have taken a look at the engagement ring at some point. The rock is huge.  I am happy for Gabrielle and Dwayne. They have great chemistry, but I hope that gentlemen and ladies are not measuring their own commitment […]

Married Man Talk: What I Hate About Being Married


Tweet Before you read the title and get confused, I love being married. I mean I really really love being married. I could easily spend the rest of the post talking about how nice it is to always have someone to go to the movies with, how I still look forward to coming home and […]

My Expectations Of Marriage


Tweet   Happy holidays to all you good readers of SBM. I hope your season is filled with joy, health, safety…and gifts! I have a fascination with marriage. My curiosity goes from why do things fall apart to what makes things stay together? Were some marriages doomed from the start? There are a whole litany […]

How Would You React To Having A Gay Child?


Tweet I’m a black male in my mid 20′s with no children. I’m young and just starting to build my little foundation professionally. I do however have the desire to be a parent one day. I’m hoping by like 28-29 I’ll be well on my way. This is just me thinking aloud of course. I […]

The Problem of the Inflated Black Male Ego


Tweet Becoming A Good Black Man is a Great Accomplishment. As one, I think about it every once in a while. My public schools were all below average; I was more likely to turn to a life of crime; I was more likely to acquire less education (even compared to my female counterparts); I was less […]

Why Love Isn’t the Ultimate Requirement for Marriage

black marriage

Tweet By Miriam of 30 Thoughts My friend and I were discussing what’s always on everyone’s mind these days: love and relationships. We were updating each other on our potential plus ones when I asked, “Why do I have to be in love with the person I marry? Why can’t I marry a man because […]

5 Things I Love About Being Married – From a Man


Tweet Ask a woman about being married, the response will be the same 90% of the time. “It’s wonderful” or “My Husband is my best friend” or even “I hate that cheating lying sumb*tch … but it’s better than being single”.  For the most part, it’s understood that married women love being married. Ask a […]