My Curiosity With A Single Mother Who Is Dating

Yes yes! It’s really me and I’ve missed you way more than you have missed me. But if you’ve missed me more I won’t complain. There are some things on my mind lately. Single mothers who actively date is a subject I don’t see enough written on. I have a fascination with the topic because I […]

From His Mother to You: How Men Learn to Treat Women

  Hey, I’m new to reading your site but I love the posts so I would like your input on something that I’ve yet to understand. I’ve always heard that the way a man treats his mother is a good indication of how he will treat you. I always assumed that to be true, but […]

Why We Get Mad at Our Wives

Earlier this week, CNN hosted an article from called Why We Get Mad at Our Husbands. After reading the title, I hoped to find insight on why women get upset with men and steps I could take to avoid the wrath of my future wife. I had no such luck. Instead, I reached the end […]

It Does A Body Good

I was thumbing through the April issue of Essence the other day and itis like an ‘Ode to MILF’s,’ showcasing women and in their 50’s-like 80’s, some of whom don’t look a day over 35 max! And a good looking 35 year old at that, not the one that’s had a”hard life. I know exactly […]