The Death Of Cheap Dates: Why We Should Appreciate Dates In 2015

  This post today is partially inspired by Dr. J. About a week ago he let off a series of tweets about dating. I won’t quote them all but the gist of the tweets are that none of us should be caught complaining about someone being cheap. His stance was that if you’re not paying […]

A Guide To First Date Conversations For Men

This past weekend I had a date night and went to go see “Top Five.” I t was a good time, and the movie fascinated me for a few reasons. None of those reasons really correlate with this post. So maybe another time we’ll get into that. More importantly I’m here to tell a short […]

5 Reasons Why Tyler Perry’s Movie ‘Temptation’ is Just Bad

I absolutely loathe Tyler Perry movies. I think they’re horrible, poorly plotted and executed movies – like each and every one of them is just bad. If there was a way to give half stars, every Tyler Perry movie I’ve ever seen would get no stars. Despite the fact that I don’t like his movies, […]

The Absence of Black People is not the Evidence of Racism

Let me state this simply, black people do not have to be everywhere. Yet, some people truly believe that the absence of black people from mainstream TV shows (or movies) is always indicative of racism or racial insensitivity by the creators, producers, and in some cases, the very viewers of the shows. To be fair, […]

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Is Django Racist: A Look At The Conundrum Tarantino’s Latest Created In Progressive Black America

No single Hollywood film in the last decade has sparked the kind of controversy and wide-ranging response as Quentin Tarantino’s latest, Django Unchained. Is Django racist? Some believe it is, some have said it’s one of the year’s best films and everyone seems to have an opinion on the film’s larger impact. One of the more interesting, though hardly […]

The Hunger Games Brings All the Racists to the Yard

Let’s be clear, I have not seen The Hunger Games. I have not read The Hunger Games. As best I can tell, I have no plans or interest to do either. Before last week, I had never even heard of The Hunger Games. When a movie grosses over $150 million in it’s opening weekend, the […]

Five Movies That Changed Our Lives Forever

  If you’ve ever spent time reading my work on The Book of Jackson, you know that I really enjoy watching movies.  I can sit in my place all day, rediscovering old favorites and discovering new ones.  There’s something special about certain motion pictures- they captivate minds leaving lasting imprints.  We’ve all had those moments […]

Romantic Comedies … That bullsh*t

I hate romantic comedies. I mean I really really hate these movies … and I’ve seen enough of them to justify my hatred. Now … they aren’t bad to watch.  Sometimes you have good actors in funny situations that are actually humorous.  In terms of pure entertainment … while a lot of them are sappy […]