The Time Was Illmatic: An Interview With The Director And Producer Of “Time Is Illmatic”


 Share on Tumblr The following Interview was posted previously in Ammo Magazine by Shannon Thomas. In April 1994, Apartheid was the plague that cloaked South Africa. Former president Richard Nixon had just suffered a stroke. Rudolph Guiliani still presided as mayor of New York City’s cold, concrete streets. In the midst of all that was […]

This Is It: Has Jay-Z Become Fat Elvis?


 Share on Tumblr   In Part 1 of a three-part podcast involving myself and seveneighteen contributors McFly and Cousin D (along McFly’s brother Mack Mittens and Young Elvis), we started talking about Drake’s success, then somehow got to if Wu-Tang Clan was ever that good, if Jay-Z is now Fat Elvis, and comparing Reasonable Doubt to Illmatic. […]

Billboard Taught Me: The Worst Advice from Today’s Hot 100


 Share on Tumblr Billboard’s infamous Hot 100 is filled with songs that make you dance and songs that make you dream. Songs that help you turn up and songs that help you cool down. For some these are our theme songs and provide the soundtrack to our lives. Whether you are out to get lucky, […]

Yeezus – Disgustingly Awesome Art


 Share on Tumblr The fall of 1973 found on the doorsteps of the jazz industry an album much different than anything they’d heard before. Herbie Hancock’s iconic album, Head Hunters was like nothing before it, it was what people describe as groundbreaking, trailblazing, a radical shift from the norm and a bold attempt to go […]

Strange Fruition: Finding My Own Truth in Lupe Fiasco’s Lyrics

Lupe Album Cover

 Share on Tumblr Last week Mr. Spradley wrote a review of Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part I. He discusses his overall views of Lupe as well as some critiques and praises of the album. In our discussion of Lupe’s work, I told him I was thinking of doing […]

Lupe Fiasco’s Surprisingly Dope Food & Liquor 2


 Share on TumblrI can’t remember being more excited about the potential of a new Hip-Hop Artist than I was when I discovered Lupe Fiasco. After listening to the original Food & Liquor for the first time, I told one of my close friends “When it’s all said and done, Lupe’s catalogue should rival that of […]

Out in the Open: A New Understanding of Frank Ocean’s Novacane

Swim Good

 Share on TumblrI remember clearly the day I first heard Frank Ocean’s Novacane. It was the earlier part of last year, on an unseasonably warm March day. I remember the day specifically because I couldn’t help but drop the windows in the car; partly because of the weather and partly because of this weirdly infectious […]

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Looking Back At Summers Of My Youth: The 80’s Baby’s Version of Summer


 Share on Tumblr Everyday started with a game of Super Tecmo Bowl versus the computer. At this point, it had become pretty much only out of routine or habit. After spending countless afternoons playing against my friends, I’d gotten to the point that I never lost to the computer in any video game. The next […]

Lupe Fiasco Samples T.R.O.Y. With Latest Single, Pete Rock Not Pleased

Jacking for Beats?

 Share on TumblrThis afternoon, Lupe Fiasco’s first release off of his forthcoming Food and Liquor 2 hit the internet. The song, “Around My Way” samples the Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth classic “They Reminisce Over You.” Revered by any Hip-Hop fan worth their pair of shell toes, “T.R.O.Y.” was a song crafted by the legendary […]

Five Reasons Why Drake Can’t Be Great

"They say they miss the old Drake girl don't tempt me..."

 Share on TumblrI got into a pretty good discussion last night about the incredibly trompe l’oeil life, career, and music of one Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Let me be clear, I enjoy his music here and there, but there’s just something about Drizzy that’s off. There’s something about him and his entire image that tends to […]