Are the Miami Heat Giving Us Reasons to Doubt Them Again?


When LeBron James hosted The Decision in 2010, he instantly became the most hated player in the NBA. Except for that one person who randomly clapped when he announced his decision, pretty much everyone else felt he had taken a shortcut to basketball royalty. In the four years since, James and the Heat endured criticism […]

SBM Sports: Three Standouts From NBA All Star Weekend

Kyrie MVP

The unofficial second half of the NBA season kicks off tonight after an entertaining All Star Game last Sunday. The events on Saturday don’t deserve a long winded recap, so I’ll sum it up this way: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ On to Sunday. The All Star game is a big celebration for fans, a showcase for the game’s […]

Why Kobe’s Return Makes the Lakers…Exactly the Same


Nine points, eight rebounds, eight turnovers. Of course, Kobe Bryant’s return to the Los Angeles Lakers had little to do with Sunday’s game. Bryant’s role in the surprisingly positive (even at 10-10) start is much more important. The Lakers have resembled an actual NBA team thus far, a complete surprise to me. My predictions aren’t […]

This Is It: The NBA Preview Podcast


The annual seveneighteen NBA roundtable podcast commences as William H. Strafe, Dr. J, Midtown Mo, Streetz, Joe Sargent, McFly and Young Ness give you everything you need to  know about the 2013-2014 NBA season, including:   Who wins the Atlantic Division, the Knicks or the Nets? Will the Wizards make the playoffs? What impact will […]

SBM Sports – Who Will Win the 2014 NBA Championship?


We finally (finally!) made it to the beginning of the NBA season. Tonight’s game between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls (and other less interesting teams) marks the end of an fun offseason. Fabian McNally and I named our MVP choice and biggest surprise of the upcoming season last week. Today we make our picks […]

Let's Talk About the 2013-14 NBA Season!

I know I promised you an NBA Finals prediction this week, but I had to call an audible. Longtime friend and basketball fan, Fabian McNally (@FabianMcNally on Twitter) and I spoke about a few NBA-related topics heading into the upcoming season. The conversation built until we decided to write down our thoughts, thus creating the […]

SBM Sports – Three Reasons the Miami Heat Will Not Three Peat


Football season is in full swing. The Broncos are good, the Jaguars are terrible. Enough of that. The NBA season is just around the corner, which means we are thisclose to the sweet spot on the calendar with the NFL, college football, MLB playoffs, AND pro and college basketball going on. Oh yeah, and hockey. […]

Breaking Down Dwight Howard’s Decision 2.0


Here we are again with Dwight Howard. Seems like yesterday I was writing the Lakers into the Finals after they had traded for him. Now it’s time to weigh the impact of his departure from LA and arrival to Houston. Just like LeBron James in 2010, Howard was the prized free agent in this year’s […]

Chris Broussard, Political Correctness, and Staying True to Your Beliefs

Chris Broussard ESPN

By now, most people have heard or read about veteran NBA player Jason Collins revealing that he is gay.  It’s only newsworthy because Collins is a current and not retired player, as John Amaechi was when he revealed that he was gay.  Generally, the news was met with congratulatory remarks and vows of support.  ESPN even […]

Are They All Playing for Second? The NBA Playoff Rundown

2013 NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs kicked off this weekend, and we got a chance to see every team’s “Second Season” debut. The home teams looked good, going 8-0 and winning by an average of 16 points. The road teams will get their chance to rebound, but the bigger question is: Who can challenge Miami in a seven-game […]