Why “Hack A…” Is Fine As Is In The NBA

This week I am absolutely taking a page out of @iamjoesargent’s book. This week I am talking sports. For those who don’t know, I am an avid fan of basketball. Particularly, my favorite player of all time is Shaquille O’Neal. This is important because of  the opinions that I would like to express today. If […]

A Quarter Season Recap: The Best of Times and Worst of Times in the NBA

What a time to be an NBA fan! We’re a month into the season and have a team on pace for 82-0 AND 0-82 somehow. Since it has been a minute since I’ve written around these parts, it’s time to check in on all things NBA. Here are 6 things worth-a-shit and ain’t-shit so far: […]

The NBA Playoffs are Back! Here are the Four Things to Wish For

The NBA Playoffs are finally (finally!) upon us. We made it, y’all. If you’re an NBA fan you’ve been ready since about the All-Star break. So to commemorate this monumental occasion, let’s take a look at the four things I want to see most when the NBA’s second season starts this Sunday(!). The Oklahoma City […]

So who the Hell is the NBA MVP This Season?

The NBA season is winding down, and one of the best stories to follow has been the MVP race. For the first time in a while, this race feels truly wide open. LeBron James is still the best player in the league, but it took him a while (and a strange two-week midseason vacation) to […]

It Finally Happened: The Worst Play in NBA History

There’s quite a bit going on in sports. The NFL offseason’s free agency has begun with a flurry of franchise taggings. The NBA’s MVP and postseason race has begun. And the MLB’s spring training has kicked off where it’s warm (jealous). But we have plenty of time to tackle that stuff. History was made in […]

3 Reasons NBA All-Star Weekend was Amazing…and Why it Sucked

This weekend was my first time experiencing NBA All-Star Weekend live. The weekend always falls on Valentine’s Day Weekend, and I spent eight straight years in college/Master’s/MBA programs nowhere near NBA cities. Add those together and I was either too broke or too whipped to attend the festivities live. That all changed this year. For […]

Readjusting the NBA Championship Contenders at the All-Star Break

(More than) Halfway through the NBA season, and things are upside down. The Hawks are good. The Warriors look like contenders. And every team that’s usually dominant has some flaw that gives you juuuuuuuust enough doubt to write them off. But someone has to win. And that’s what I’m here for. Time to recalibrate the […]

The 4 Things to Care Most About in the NBA so Far

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: NBA LEAGUE PASS IS FREE FOR ONE LAST NIGHT Now that the PSA is out of the way, we can get to the regularly scheduled post. The NBA has been in full swing for a week now, and it’s interesting already. Some teams are up, some are down, and we’ll break it […]

The NBA Season is Back! Here’s Why Cleveland Will Win the Championship

We made it, you guys. Our long national nightmare is over. The NBA has returned. 20 hours after this posts, the Dallas Mavericks will take on the defending champion San Antonio Spurs on TNT. That is the first thing I’m happiest about with the return of the season…not the game, but NBA on TNT. Even […]

On NBA Free Agency and a Plea to Your Common Sense

To be honest, I’m as guilty as anyone. But it’s time to cut this out. All of us. Endless refreshing of Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter account, believing in Chris Broussard again, and buying into endless speculation has. to. stop. I mean, this stuff isn’t even news! Chris Broussard literally said he had no hard info or […]