The 4 Things to Care Most About in the NBA so Far

Based God Curse

 Share on Tumblr PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: NBA LEAGUE PASS IS FREE FOR ONE LAST NIGHT Now that the PSA is out of the way, we can get to the regularly scheduled post. The NBA has been in full swing for a week now, and it’s interesting already. Some teams are up, some are down, and […]

The NBA Season is Back! Here’s Why Cleveland Will Win the Championship


 Share on Tumblr We made it, you guys. Our long national nightmare is over. The NBA has returned. 20 hours after this posts, the Dallas Mavericks will take on the defending champion San Antonio Spurs on TNT. That is the first thing I’m happiest about with the return of the season…not the game, but NBA […]

On NBA Free Agency and a Plea to Your Common Sense


 Share on Tumblr To be honest, I’m as guilty as anyone. But it’s time to cut this out. All of us. Endless refreshing of Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter account, believing in Chris Broussard again, and buying into endless speculation has. to. stop. I mean, this stuff isn’t even news! Chris Broussard literally said he had no […]

Negrodamus Predicts Where the Biggest NBA Free Agents Will Go


 Share on Tumblr  We teased it last week, but today marks the official beginning of the NBA Free Agency sweepstakes. Every team with cap space (and there are a bunch of them), and even teams without space are looking to improve by signing or trading for an impactful player. By the time you read this, […]

Five Reasons the Miami Heat Will Definitely Win the Title


 Share on Tumblr A million predictions gone wrong, and we’re right where everyone kinda knew we’d end up. The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs are playing in the NBA Finals for the second year in a row. The Spurs had the NBA’s best record all season, featuring the league’s most consistent trio over the […]

Donald Sterling Has Destroyed The Integrity Of The Game


 Share on Tumblr By now we’ve heard the disparaging racist remarks by Donald Sterling. If you haven’t, then I’m sure you at least have a gist of the story. Just to bring you up to speed, check this out: Now the title of this post might come off as me painting with a broad brush. […]

Are the Miami Heat Giving Us Reasons to Doubt Them Again?


 Share on Tumblr When LeBron James hosted The Decision in 2010, he instantly became the most hated player in the NBA. Except for that one person who randomly clapped when he announced his decision, pretty much everyone else felt he had taken a shortcut to basketball royalty. In the four years since, James and the […]

SBM Sports: Three Standouts From NBA All Star Weekend

Kyrie MVP

 Share on Tumblr The unofficial second half of the NBA season kicks off tonight after an entertaining All Star Game last Sunday. The events on Saturday don’t deserve a long winded recap, so I’ll sum it up this way: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ On to Sunday. The All Star game is a big celebration for fans, a showcase […]

Why Kobe’s Return Makes the Lakers…Exactly the Same


 Share on Tumblr Nine points, eight rebounds, eight turnovers. Of course, Kobe Bryant’s return to the Los Angeles Lakers had little to do with Sunday’s game. Bryant’s role in the surprisingly positive (even at 10-10) start is much more important. The Lakers have resembled an actual NBA team thus far, a complete surprise to me. […]

This Is It: The NBA Preview Podcast


 Share on Tumblr The annual seveneighteen NBA roundtable podcast commences as William H. Strafe, Dr. J, Midtown Mo, Streetz, Joe Sargent, McFly and Young Ness give you everything you need to  know about the 2013-2014 NBA season, including:   Who wins the Atlantic Division, the Knicks or the Nets? Will the Wizards make the playoffs? […]