Tipping in the United States vs. the United Kingdom: Who Gets It Right?

A Cornell professor has written a lot of papers about tipping, with some interesting results for the urban male. Now I know living in the United Kingdom we don’t tip, anywhere as much as Americans. Not only that, the percentage we tip is far below the scale of the U.S. But I’ve spent a lot […]

Relationship Advice for Women: Please Consider the Source

Chilling on Twitter, as I so often do, and came across this lovely gem… @TheCosby: The women need to do this if they want to get a man advice industry is booming …I need to get my gentlemanly hands in some ladies’ purses The tweet was funny for a number of reasons. A couple days prior […]

Did Chris Rock Tell the Wrong Jokes to the White Audience?

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard Chris Rock’s “Message for White Voters” video that aired on the Jimmy Kimmel show last week. I know. The election’s over and you’re physically and mentally exhausted from hearing about polls, pundits, predictions and public service announcements. You don’t wanna hear another approved message until 2016. I’m right […]

The Diary of a Mad Blogger Pt. 1

May 16th, 2012 – Journal Entry #1 I’m growing concerned about the state of the black blogosphere. I’m growing concerned about the reluctance of readers to internalize honesty. I’m growing concerned by the reticence of writers. I’m irritated by the emphasis on article titles that emphasize insecurity. I’m annoyed by our increasing hypersensitivity that awakens […]

7 Reasons Why Men Can’t Do Nice Things

I was perusing Madame Noire’s homepage yesterday and came across an article titled “7 Things a Man Only Does If He’s Serious About You.” Being the curious lad I am, I clicked through to see how the author, jaustin, would translate a man’s actions into womanspeak. Jaustin is normally one of my favorite contributors at […]

Red Tails: Expecting the Worst or Supporting the Best?

**Commercial for Red Tails airs for the 34th time** httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTtlW9gxQoc Her: Oh! Red Tails comes out this weekend. Let’s go see it! Me: You think that movie looks good? That preview was kinda lame sauce… Her: It’s not about the preview. It’s about supporting the movie. We don’t get many opportunities. Me: It didn’t really […]