What Is Dating Like For a “Fat Girl”?


 Share on Tumblr Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, let me explain. Comedian Louis C.K. has a new(ish) sitcom called, Louie. In this sitcom, which is funny to me because I like Louis C.K. a whole lot but I can understand why not everyone is watching it, there is a Fat Girl soliloquy. […]

Til Death Do Us Part: But, I’m no longer physically attracted to my partner


 Share on Tumblr We often talk about Love in a marriage in terms of “forever,” but we rarely talk about what that means. How do you get to forever? Many of us haven’t even been with the same car insurance company for over a decade, yet we automatically assume we all posses the loyalty necessary within us […]

What the Hell Is “Overweight” Anyway?


 Share on TumblrLet me begin by saying I’m a proponent for a healthy diet and lifestyle for everyone. However, I don’t agree a simple ratio of weight to height is the best or even the most honest measurement of health and fitness. At best, it is often misleading. At worst, it is woefully disingenuous. Either […]