Dating in the Digital Age: A Panel Discussion and Social Mixer in DC w/ Dr. J as panelist

In the past few months, i’ve been frequently asked to speak on how technology is affecting dating and relationships. I am no expert but I have thoughts. I’m actually a huge fan of online dating and believe that while new technology poses threats to traditional views, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Tomorrow, (Wednesday, March […]

Things You Should Know and People You Should Meet

A lot of chicks ask me where the good men looking for good women are. Even as a member of the League of Extraordinary Negroes (Someone out there is salty about the use of the word “negro” while someone else is saying “Slim ain’t ish”), I can’t provide ALL the answers. But I can provide […]

Good Dads, Bad Dads, Headaches, and Enlightenment

Can a man really win in court when it comes to custody of his child or payment terms for child support? This was one of the many questions I found myself asking as I live-tweeted Together Apart’s most recent event, titled Know Good Dads: Daddy’s Little Girls, Child Support, and Baby Mama Drama. And yes, […]