A Reflection on Kevin Hart's Latest Movie


 Share on Tumblr My best friend and I saw Kevin Hart’s new movie, Let Me Explain last weekend. When it was over, we kept the party alive as made our way to the bathroom still cracking up and openly admitting our insanity. Oh my God, I totally do that thing where I get hype and […]

SH*T HAPPENS (A Story of Gratitude)


 Share on Tumblr This a happy little story about gratitude. And poop. But mostly gratitude. I woke up the other day in wonderful spirits. Realizing my life resembles a Taylor Swift song, I played some of her greatest hits while singing (loudly) in the shower. I am grateful for Taylor Swift’s train-wreck of a love life. I […]

Break Ups and The Fear of Not-Enough-Ness


 Share on Tumblr One of my biggest fears in life is that people are better off without me. I worry that the room becomes more awesome when I leave it; the air becomes lighter when I’m not breathing it; Things magically become better because I’m not there. When I was little, I was always sent […]

5 “Interview-Like” Questions Worth Asking Your Lover


 Share on Tumblr A few weeks ago, I found myself on the couch with a glass of wine and my laptop. My cell phone was cradled in my neck as my friend begged me to send her a recent picture. “C’mon! I’m gonna send out a mass text and hopefully find you a man,” she […]

A Letter to Emotionally Unavailable Men


 Share on Tumblr Hey you: This is a break up letter. I could probably end right here, but I’m not going to. As I write this, I can smell your cologne, and I am wearing your socks. I find it hard to type this letter without missing you, but it’s insane to miss something that […]

8 Things The NFL Can Teach You About Love


 Share on Tumblr In honor of Super Beyoncé Bowl Sunday, I wanted to take some time and reflect on some of the lessons I’ve learned from the NFL this season. 2012 was a hell of a year. Not only did I get a new HD TV just in time to watch my favorite team (The […]

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The Key to Staying in Love


 Share on Tumblr By Patia Braithwaite I have a secret: I’ve never believed in marriage. People find this odd because my parents appear to have this wonderful and successful marriage. I never feared them getting a divorce or anything like that. Yet, for a long time, I just didn’t believe in the institution. It seemed […]

From Her, 6 Post-Breakup Behaviors to Avoid


 Share on Tumblr I’m going through a break up, SBM fam, and  as I grieve over what could’ve been but never was, I’ve compiled a list of things for women (or men) on what not to do after breaking up with someone. Learn from my mistakes: 1. Drastic changes to your appearance: A few months […]

Hip Hop Is for Lovers: Reflections on Being Kanye West’s “Perfect B*tch”

Source: necolebitchie.com

 Share on TumblrBy Patia Braithwaite It started with a text message: BFF: How would you feel if someone dedicated a song to you called, “Perfect Bitch.” Me: [sarcasm] Honored and humbled. You? BFF: Not so much. Apparently that’s the title of Kanye’s new song for Kim Kardashian… FLASHBACK: The year was 2008, and I was […]