Who’s the Best QB in the NFL, Right Now?


 Share on Tumblr  In case you missed it Sunday, Peyton Manning passed the most overhyped QB of all time Brett Favre in career passing touchdowns. He only needed 246 fewer games, 1,514 fewer passes, and managed not to also set the record for interceptions in the process. Seriously, get Brett Favre tf outta here. Anyway, […]

The NFL is (about to be) Back! The 3 Top Training Camp Headlines


 Share on Tumblr By the end of the week, all NFL players will report to training camp (Get your official Training Camp gear!). For a lot of you, that means you made it through another football-less summer. Congratulations! I won’t bother with my sure-to-be-wrong Super Bowl predictions…that comes later. For now, we’ll stick with the […]

Don’t Let 60 Minutes of Football Make You a Crazy Person


 Share on Tumblr First of all, I finally got a prediction right(!!). I sometimes wish the internet had an erase function (don’t we all?), but I ended a long run of putting my foot in my mouth when the Seattle defense dominated the Super Bowl on Sunday. As the massacre played out, and Seattle kept […]

Three Undeniable Reasons the Seattle Seahawks Will Win the Super Bowl


 Share on Tumblr The King of Broken Prediction is back for one more disappointment. As discussed recently, I’m really bad at guessing what will happen in sports. My latest whiff was just a few short weeks ago. Woops. There’s only one more game this NFL season, so I have 50/50 odds to end the season […]

Sports Hate: The Teams and Players That Make Me Sick

Punchable ND

 Share on Tumblr Last Saturday was an awful sports day for me. It started off fine; my Wolverines blew out Iowa on Iowa’s Senior Day. Ohio State won, but it was completely for nothing because they are ineligible for a bowl this season (:-D). And there was some early afternoon NBA scheduled. Nothing wrong with […]