Are Pregnancies Always To Be Celebrated?

The title of this posts probably made an “uh oh” go off in your head. Pregnancy can be a touchy subject. It can be touchy especially in where this post will go today. It can be easily thought to be judgmental by some but I promise you nothing of the sorts. I have a story […]

New NYC Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ads Got People Mad

I always have mixed feelings about teen pregnancies. I’m not going to throw my foot all the way to the back of my mouth but I will speak on a few things as carefully as I can with respect to how I feel about the topic. I believe that children should be given the best […]

5 Things We Can Look Forward To With KimYe’s Love Child

I received several text messages and tweets about a week ago when it was announced that Kanye West got Kim Kardashian pregnant. Everybody thought I was distraught, in tears, or somewhere reenacting the way I felt when the Niners lost last year’s NFC Championship game. I was actually celebrating. I was happy for them and […]

Why My Kid Will Only Go to a Top 50 School

Her: I’m looking forward to having a family. I wanna have 3 kids. Not looking forward to the labor pains Me: Eh, I think my limit is 2. Since you’re about 5’9, athletic, and have good hair and I’m a strong 6’1 with slightly above average athleticism, I’d say they’d have a pretty good […]