Three Ways That Privacy Strengthens Relationships

  With the release of the iPhone 5S, one of the new features that Android users will kick and scream that they had first yet no one really cares was unveiled was the fingerprint scanner. This device allows users to biometrically authenticate into their phones without using a password. All you need is a finger […]

Snoop Through His Phone At Your Own Risk

You have your suspicions and that phone of his is staring up at you from the side table next to the bed. It’s practically screaming your name vying to get your attention. You stare in its direction for far too long then your good sense kicks in and you ask yourself, do I really want […]

While You Were Sleeping: CISPA and the Forfeiture of On-Line Privacy

First and foremost, SBM’s thoughts and prayers are with those directly and indirectly affected by the recent Boston Marathon Bombing. Like many others, SBM is happy to know that at least one of the alleged fugitive brothers was taken into custody. However, while the pursuit and eventual apprehension of one of the suspects dominated headlines since the […]

Illegal Search and Seizure: Stay Out of His (or Her) Things!

Check out the following: My last boyfriend was a cheater. I found out and [decided] to stay with him (I was 22- go figure). One day we were having an argument about me checking his facebook inbox, emails, etc and I [told] him that privacy is something he forfeited by choosing to cheat. –  SBM […]

The Blogger Life: 5 Ways Being a Blogger Can Really Screw Up Your Private Life

  Preface: This post will be one of those posts where someone responds with, “Well, why don’t you just stop blogging then?” Which is yet another example of how being a blogger can screw up your private life; you can’t even get a good rant in every now and then. Also, most of this stuff […]