So About This Preachers of LA Reality Show...

With reality shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta (and other major cities), Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, {Insert} Wars, and Catfish, I shouldn’t be surprised that one came along about preachers. I really shouldn’t. But, with the first commercial for Preachers of LA show, I was. That shock then […]

Don’t Get Catfished: How to Avoid the Online Dating Swindle

  I’m glad you were you when we met. These were the words of my cyber boo, who sat next to me in real life as we tuned into the second half of Catfish, the most gotcha! and have-a-seat show since To Catch a Predator. In case you haven’t seen the show, it’s a reality-based […]

Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless Debate: Would You Want Chad ‘Ocho Cinco’ Johnson?

I would hope it goes without saying, but since nothing on the Internet goes without saying, I’m going to open this post by saying SBM does not condone domestic violence – by a man or a woman. In my opinion, no one within the confines of a relationship should ever put their hands (or head) on anyone – […]

Protecting Our Image: Why Should We Stop Watching Trashy Reality TV?

When I was a kid, parents had these things called rules. My mother had a very specific set of rules for me when it came to the television shows I was allowed to watch. For example, I was allowed to watch Living Single, but not Martin. I spent many nights sneaking away into my room […]

Basketball Wives Drama: Tami Roman’s Twitter Apology To Kesha Nichols

As most of you know, I allow myself one guilty pleasure reality series per television cycle. This season I’m watching VH1’s Basketball Wives. If you’ve been watching the show, you’ve seen all of the drama that Real World star Tami Roman seems to attract. At this point, she’s officially evolved into a full fledged bully. […]

Love & Hip Hop: Why You Should Never Mix Business with Pleasure

Never mix business with pleasure. It’s a mantra that we have heard time and time again. It’s also a mantra that has been broken throughout the course of time. The separation between your personal and professional life can be a fine line, and when this line is overstepped, more often than not chaos erupts. No […]

How to Spot a Bridezilla

Your television set is obsessed with showing you other people’s faults so that you spend time telling yourself that you’re at least better than that person. That’s why reality TV is so popular and the shows have nothing to do with where they began. Think about this logically, the shows that we grew up watching […]

Slim’s Thoughts: Real Housewives of Atlanta

This past weekend I took some time out of my less than hectic schedule to sit down and watch Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). I’ve been hearin’ a lot about this show on Twitter and in casual conversations with predominantly Black women. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was…until I sat down and […]

Real Chance of Love

Ok … so I have a dirty little secret that I must admit. I love those stupid reality shows. It started with Flavor of Love … the first season.  I had fought it for practically the whole season, and my ridiculous course load at the time made it easy … but then I had a […]