Men: Want to Lose Your Woman to Columbus Elba? Do These Things.

things men should not do in a relationship

 Share on TumblrI came across this gem by Renita Bryant on things men should not do in a relationship over at Paul Carrick Brunson’s website. I find that a lot of the “Fellas, Listen Up” articles fall flat. But this one hits the mark: It is unfair to break a woman’s heart by mismanaging her expectations. […]

Keep the Fire Burning in Your Relationship with These Great Tips


 Share on Tumblr Every relationship hits a rough patch at some point. Some couples go from those early days of wild romance and pheromones to getting a little too comfortable and taking each other for granted. Others end up fighting over things that never seemed to bother them before. If your relationship is experiencing some […]

Is It True Men Won't Read Relationship Advice?

woman logic

 Share on Tumblr Last week, MadameNoire asked the following: Do you ever wonder why there aren’t relationship books for men? — MadameNoire (@MadameNoire) September 25, 2013 As a commenter said on, “men don’t seek relationship advice, they seek relations advice.” I have to agree. I think (most) men do seek advice on how to get/meet more […]

Relationship Advice for Women: Please Consider the Source


 Share on Tumblr Chilling on Twitter, as I so often do, and came across this lovely gem… @TheCosby: The women need to do this if they want to get a man advice industry is booming …I need to get my gentlemanly hands in some ladies’ purses The tweet was funny for a number of reasons. A […]

How to Talk to Women and Get Anywhere: Part II


 Share on Tumblr About four months ago, I wrote a Part I to this series to much success.  A lot of women would love to hear less about them and prefer that we talk about men and what men need to do.  In the backroom, I will tell the fellas that we don’t have to do […]

Things you should never (ever) tell your significant other!


 Share on Tumblr I believe in honesty … I mean really.  I think that honesty is great. People’s ability to handle “the truth” is significantly better than it was back in the day.  While our parents may not have been able to handle statements like “I’m still dating other people” or “I’m doing me” and […]

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility


 Share on Tumblr One good thing about Single Black Male is that our cast of writers have the ability to think outside the box. We present age old arguments and dilemmas in a fresh and updated light for our readers, in order to adjust and relate to current times. I’m heavily influenced by sports, literature, […]

Reader Appreciation Week: A Deal Gone Wrong

 Share on Tumblr****** Admin Note ****** I hope everyone love and appreciated our Reader Appreciation Week.  We get so many letters, it was time that we took the time to let ya’ll know we appreciate each and every one of ya’ll (yeah … you too!). On a side note … We are probably not going […]

To Give it Up … or not to Give it up

 Share on Tumblr****** Admin Note ****** Today, we are bringing you the first SBM multi-site, male & female collaboration post!  This is history people! The beautiful, intelligent, and eloquent Nicki Sunshine of Single Sister’s Speak Out is here to speak on the topic. Enjoy – SBM *********************** Picture this: you’re sitting on a couch, the lights are […]

Either she’s the one or I’m caught in the Matrix

 Share on TumblrWhat’s good SBM community. I get emails at my other locations all the time about sex, lies, and videotape different topics and personal questions they want me to address. I thought for this week, since I’ve had writers block for a month I’d share with the community an email that came across my […]