Stay in Your Lane Relationship Insurance


There are many people that could possibly benefit from Stay in Your Lane relationship insurance, because sometimes the people you’re casually seeing get a little ahead of themselves. They try to exercise rights or do things that weren’t covered in their primary relationship plan. -Like complain about what you’re doing, when you’re not with them. […]

7 Fictional Characters Your Relationship Can Do Without


1.) Superman: As the old saying goes; Superman was really Clark Kent, Clark Kent wasn’t really Superman. You are human, you will make mistakes, and you can’t save everyday. Don’t try to be superman in your family, just aim to be super faithful. 2.) Lone Ranger: You can’t do it all by yourself, God placed you two together […]

How to Date Successfully: The 30 Day Return Policy


Break-ups suck. Everyone knows this. It’s a time when most people like to point fingers instead of looking within themselves and seeing what they could have done differently. You may ask yourself such questions as: Was I good enough? Were they good enough? Was I to moody/pushy? Should I have called more instead of texting? […]

How to Be a Great Girlfriend


We’re not saying you suck at being a girlfriend, you’re probably a good old lady. But here are a few tips on how to be a great girlfriend: 1. Be present with him. When you are with your boyfriend, be with him. Turn your phone off. Put it in your purse, or put it in […]

WO-Manipulate: Ways to Dominate Your Man Without Him Knowing It


Every man likes dominant women, they just don’t know it. The problem is women have become dominant in society in masculine ways, which is what shies men away. This is why I’m here to show you how to dominate your man in the FOUR most effective ways: Insinuate Dogs bark. Barks are threatening. When people see […]

Why Your Man Won’t Go Down: Could You Live Without It?


A couple of week’s ago I read an article called “5 Reasons Why He Won’t Give You Oral Sex.” It was written by Ty Knighten (@Uheardmeright) who runs “The Sexy Single Mommy.” The article profiles some reasons why a guy may not go down on you. A couple of the reasons included foul odor and […]

Why Some Women Have Sex When They Don’t Want To


A lot of women who are married or are in monogamous relationships will often say that their man wants to have sex more frequently than they feel like it. The result is that a lot of women end up having sex even when they don’t want to. Below are some reasons that women end up […]

Why She Doesn’t Want to Be With You


Too often we focus on women, stating that they’re not able to keep a man. No one ever brings up the guy who just isn’t beau or boyfriend material. It’s plenty of guys out here bouncing from chick to chick, simply because they can’t hold down the fort. If you feel as though this might […]

Why Women Seem To Date With An Agenda


It all starts yes with AGE. Its not something that I as female can deny. With all the available anti-aging products in the market, there is no denying youth is in, getting old is out. You age, you wrinkle (it’s like having your outer packaging becoming damaged, and who doesn’t want shiny goods), and you […]

10 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing In Their Dating Lives


Sometimes it’s the guy’s fault why relationships and dating go wrong. So our friends over at ThoughtCatalog put together a list of ’10 Things Guys Need to Stop Doing in Their Dating Lives’: 1. Pretending they’re “into you” just to get you “into” bed. Men tend to operate under this misapprehension that the only way […]