Single Black Male is on Pinterest!

Last month Single Black Male officially joined the Pinterest movement. We thought it would be a great way to share old posts that you loved, make you burst into laughter with hilarious memes that are floating around the net, and re-pin things you find interesting. Before we tell you to follow the #SBMTeam on Pinterest, […]

Does a Woman’s Relationship with Her Father Affect Her Relationships?

With Father’s Day coming up this week, there are a lot of questions floating around the web about what makes a good or bad father. I was recently asked if a woman’s relationship with her father factors into whether a man will date/marry her. Like most relationship-based questions, it’s complicated. While a woman’s relationship with […]

SBM and BadOnLineDates Want to Know: Is Your Date Made for TV?

As some of you know, I’ve worked with before in helping provide content for their A Man’s Point of View series. Now ABC Magazine and 20/20 have partnered with BadOnlineDates, because they want to answer the question: What makes a good date go bad? They don’t only want to hear  your stories, they want to see  […]

To Be Young, Black, and Inspired

Lately, I’ve been having a great many conversations around success – what it looks like, how it is defined and most importantly, what separates those who achieve it from those who don’t. More often than not in these conversations, success comes back to talent. Most folks feel like it is the talent – the God-given […]

Single Black Mail: How Long Do I Wait For Her To Get Over Her Ex?

We get questions from you, our readers. A LOT of questions. “Single Black Mail” is where we respond and let the family put in some thoughts too in the comments section. If you have a burning question, hit the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.  SBM cares. I have recently started dating […]

Rantings of an SBM

Slim Jackson This week actually went by pretty quickly. Not sure if that means I had a good week or I was just really busy. My basketball team is headed to the playoffs after winning 5 games in a row. I’m trying to get some footage of me dunking on some feeble bballer. If I […]

Rantings of an SBM

Slim Jackson This week was aight til Thursday. I’m in recruiting, so there’s nothing like placing somebody at a job and then having them get fired the first day. I really don’t like fire fighting. Played in my first league bball game. My team managed to lose a 10 point lead with a minute left. […]

Rantings of an SBM

Mr. FAQs Is a donut any better for you if you walk .6 miles to get it? For two days I went on a Taco Bell Fresca taco craze…on the third day my body said it was displeased. I hate for (good) books to end. I feel like the Houston Comets. My championship teams are […]

Rantings of an SBM

***** Admin Note ***** I (SBM) am renting out a room in my condo for Inauguration.  Its right next to the metro … so you don’t have to worry about the fact that every road in the city will be closed.  If your interested … email me at [email protected] … I got pictures. ************************ Slim […]

Rantings of an SBM

Mr. FAQs I’m still on my H-Town high…you don’t know what you got til its/their gone. “BITCH I’m WIRED UP!” is my new theme in life…along with “bust it wide open,” “damn n*gga she just love me,” “rack daddy,” “ricky bobby” et al. I need to work on being more focused and mentally and emotionally […]