Why Women Fail To Get Asked On Dates Part II

  In the first article, I gave a short list of five things that prevent women from being asked on dates. In reality, the list was much longer but I didn’t want to ask you all to read a long post on a Friday. I told y’all I would post this back at the end […]

Why Do Good Men Become Dogs?

I was introduced to a new web series last week by @lincolnablades called How Men Become Dogs. The series is an Issa Rae (@IssaRae) production. Some of us are familiar with Issa Rae from her work with the Awkward Black Girl series. You can also read more about her and her various projects on her website IssaRae.com. Her […]

Confessions of a Cerebral Dater: Learning to Trust Your Partner

My father taught me a lot as a child. One of the things that I learned from my father was how to judge character and someone’s ability to be honest. I’m going to share that secret with you all today. My father told me that the best way to judge a person’s character is to […]

How One Man Became Jaded Part I

(Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent) It’s general knowledge that women show their love and affection more than men; but when men fall, they fall hard. In the same breath when a man’s heart is broken, he takes it a lot harder than a woman would. Have you ever been around […]

Are Male Bloggers Helping or Hurting Women?

It was very difficult for me to put my finger on what I would discuss in my fourth installment of my series, Combating the Female Fear of Rejection. I knew that I wanted to focus the article around how men play a part in the female’s fear of rejection, but I wasn’t sure how that […]

Five Ways Men Contribute To Female Insecurity

In the next installment of my series, “Combating the Female Fear of Rejection,” I wanted to ensure that these posts went both ways. The most frequent feedback we receive from our female readers is a request that we give advice to men too. Although, we often give advice to men, y’all don’t read those posts […]

Recapping Single Sam: A Few Random Thoughts I Had Along The Way

Writing Single Sam’s Episodes in Love was a pretty fun exercise for me. As a writer it was an interesting challenge to tell real life stories from a real life friend, who happened to be female, while still trying to find ways to be creative and own the work. The other thing that made it […]

Single Sam’s Episodes in Love Part 4: The Butcher

A chill ran up my spine. The hairs on the back of my neck stood and, for the life of me, I couldn’t tell whether it was because of the supermarket’s near freezing temperature, or if it were because my mind’s eye had turned to him. I knew I’d be seeing him. As I made […]

Single Sam’s Episodes in Love Part 3: No More Mr. Nice Guy

  My eyes rolled as their lids shut. The faucet gushed and I imagined him running his hands underneath the hot water. Or maybe he was the kind of guy who washed his hands in cold water, too timid to endure the heat necessary for a proper cleansing. The previous night began to come back […]

Single Sam’s Episodes in Love Part 2: The Proposition

This is a True Story Spring came early. I was thankful. There’s absolutely nothing like New York City those first few weekends when warm weather arrives to stay-always something to do, always some place to be. And with the warm weather came a renewed vigor and enthusiasm to extract myself from the malaise I’d been […]