Yikes, My Crush and Ex Flame Are Friends

Yikes, My Crush and Ex Flame Are Friends

Have you ever been in a situation that you couldn’t anticipate, but you could’ve avoided, and somehow you didn’t? Let’s just start with the moment that I walked into the house party in Brooklyn. It was packed. A tad sweaty due to the summertime heatwave. But not even the heat could distract me from the […]

The Thing About Break Up Sex


Break up sex is probably some of the best sex you can ever have in your lifetime. For the most part break up sex usually isn’t the last time you really have sex with that person- it’s all bullsh*t. It’s what we see in the movies, that romantic hoopla that makes women glee with moisture, and the […]

What To Do When You Lose Your Old Faithful?


  Today’s post is for the fellas. It’s for the guys who are single. It’s for men who have or had a rotation of women while single. A friend of mine said to me this weekend that one of the ladies he was messing with started falling back. He said that she was his most […]

Pedicures, Happy Endings, and Why I Can Understand Men Paying for Sex


Yesterday, I got my first pedicure. I was truly skeptical at first, thoughts of getting my G card confiscated as swiftly as I walked into the door swirled through my mind. Nevertheless, I was there, in a nail salon awkwardly asking for a nail tech that came with a high recommendation. Moments later, I feel […]

What’s Up With Guys Women “Don’t Count?”


  Many if not all guys have been there. We have gotten to know different women. In that process we learn about a lady’s history with men. The good, the bad, and hopefully not too ugly. Many times in speaking to  women they’ll allude to a man they wish they hadn’t met. On many occasions […]

A Groupie in Disguise At NBA All-Star

Ahyiana Angel NBA All-Star

This year the NBA All-Star Game was held in New Orleans. It brought back memories of my very first All-Star weekend working at the NBA. I’d gone to All-Star in years past but New Orleans was like my initiation into the graduate school that is the NBA. I say graduate school because it is a […]

The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: Robin Givens Livin’


A lot can change in the span of a year. That phrase wasn’t lost on me. It’s now exactly one year since part one of this story. In that one year, the biggest change was that I had began regularly dating another young lady. This was actually a person I had become friends with a […]

Pillow Talk: How Many Partners is Too Many?


TheSUNK shares his opinion on Clutch Magazine about how many partners he would want his significant other to have, many women disagreed and others side-stepped out of the discussion completely. Read his thoughts below and join the discussion: First let me start off by saying my opinion will probably be unpopular. Some women might respond to […]

The Valentine’s Day Chronicles: All Star Weekend


  It’s January 30th so the question “Do you see what I see?” should be answered with a resounding YES!  In a couple weeks it will be yet another Valentine’s Day. That means there will be people who love it and people who hate it. The rest of the people are probably in the middle. […]

Does Empty Sex Lead Men To Commit?


  All men wonder one thing at some point in their lives. We all ask ourselves when will we know we are ready to commit? The photos I’ve provided here illustrate marriage as the ultimate form of commitment. Do not be swayed as I am not only speaking about marriage. When I say commitment, I’m […]