I Thought I Only Wanted a Physical Relationship

A SBM reader asks for advice on the following situation (submit your own questions here): I’d gotten involved with a guy back in December of 2011 when I had just gotten out of a relationship. I had decided that he and I would share a “physical” relationship, but, I never made that clear. I guess […]

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War On Men: Should Women Avoid Dating an Older Man?

SBM always welcomes reader questions, comments, and feedback. Check out our SBM Mail series here for past submissions and you can submit your own questions using the Contact Us page. Today’s reader ask: Good evening, I’ve been an avid reader of your site for a while now.  I have a question that has been discussed among my circle of friends […]

What Makes Men Consider a Woman Too Needy?

We welcome reader questions, comments, and feedback here at SBM. You can check out our SBM Mail series here for past submissions, and you can submit your own questions using the Contact Us page. Today’s reader asks: SingleBlackMale, I recently got out of a long term relationship with someone who either wasn’t willing or wasn’t able to meet my […]