The Diary of a Mad Blogger Pt. 1

May 16th, 2012 – Journal Entry #1 I’m growing concerned about the state of the black blogosphere. I’m growing concerned about the reluctance of readers to internalize honesty. I’m growing concerned by the reticence of writers. I’m irritated by the emphasis on article titles that emphasize insecurity. I’m annoyed by our increasing hypersensitivity that awakens […]

Do Men Think About Their Wedding Day?

I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t given too much thought to the overall wedding process. It’s always been one of those things that I knew I’d experience when the time was right, but I haven’t fantasized about what it’ll be like to take a knee and ask her to trust me with the rest […]

Red Tails: Expecting the Worst or Supporting the Best?

**Commercial for Red Tails airs for the 34th time** httpv:// Her: Oh! Red Tails comes out this weekend. Let’s go see it! Me: You think that movie looks good? That preview was kinda lame sauce… Her: It’s not about the preview. It’s about supporting the movie. We don’t get many opportunities. Me: It didn’t really […]

The Truth About New York: How Big City Dating “Corrupts” Single Men

I was chatting with a friend of mine — we’ll call her Tameka — about her dating adventures in New York City. She’s a good person that takes care of her appearance and knows how to converse. But she regularly runs into an issue that my other female friends in NYC run into: Men that […]

Wrapping It Up: 9 Lessons Learned From the Black Blogosphere in 2011

2011 has been a helluva year. It had its ups and downs, but we’re all still here another day. There’s a lot to be thankful for even if you had a rough one. Pause. With the end of the year officially looming, I wanted to talk about some of the lessons I’ve learned as a […]

Will You Compromise What You Believe for Who You Love?

Is it a priority for you to date someone that believes in the same God(s) you do? For the majority, the answer is yes. We want to be with someone that has a similar belief system because we’re gonna have many of the same values, and we’re going to be able to speak a similar […]

8 Things Women Don’t Understand About Men

We, the incredible duo of RightCoastLexSteele and Slim Jackson, are here today to help better the world. We are advocates of efficiency and promoters of peace. Over the last 20 something years, we have made a variety of observations and encountered a plethora of obstacles involving the opposite sex. We also know that our brethren […]

I’m Good and Grown. You’re Nuts.

Single men have never been civilization’s most responsible actors; they continue to be more troubled and less successful than men who deliberately choose to become husbands and fathers. –Kay S. Hymowitz in WSJ So I write for a troubled website? Rush to fatherhood is more responsible than taking my time and getting my life in […]

Chivalry is Alive, But Accountability is Dying.

I was on Twitter yesterday doing what I normally do when Paul Brunson, the Modern Day Matchmaker, posted a question about chivalry. He cited a Yahoo/Maxim survey which stated that 55% of the women that participated didn’t believe chivalry was important. He asked what people thought and you can imagine what it turned into from […]

Baby, I’m Gonna Hang with My Former S*x Buddy…

**I (Slim) will be doing a Ustream this evening (Tuesday) at 9pm EST. Here’s the link to where it’ll be going down. Basement. Check me out live.** The following takes place on a random cost-effective Friday night between a long-standing couple that’s sitting on the couch and eating turkey sandwiches. Bertha: **Chewing on sandwich** Oh, […]