Three Ways That Privacy Strengthens Relationships


 Share on Tumblr   With the release of the iPhone 5S, one of the new features that Android users will kick and scream that they had first yet no one really cares was unveiled was the fingerprint scanner. This device allows users to biometrically authenticate into their phones without using a password. All you need […]

Illegal Search and Seizure: Stay Out of His (or Her) Things!


 Share on Tumblr Check out the following: My last boyfriend was a cheater. I found out and [decided] to stay with him (I was 22- go figure). One day we were having an argument about me checking his facebook inbox, emails, etc and I [told] him that privacy is something he forfeited by choosing to […]

The Weekly ‘You Need to Chill’ Awards: Kim K., Kanye, Beyonce, Women Who Snoop and more


 Share on TumblrThe purpose of this post is to tie up some loose ends and also appease those of you who comment, send emails, or tweet me and say, “How come you don’t write articles anymore?” That’s actually not true. I write a lot of articles. I just don’t post them. The other thing that […]



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snoopy be snoopin

 Share on Tumblr I don’t like being cheated on. I don’t think anybody does. Though if you do like it, then oral sex it prolly really isn’t cheating. As for the rest of us, we try to screen people out prior to dating ‘em if we think they’re gonna be the sketchy and shady type. […]