Do You Post Your Relationship Status on Facebook?

It’s a controversial topic. Do you have the desire for public affirmation in your relationship? I think deep down that the need to publicly announce your relationship is rooted in insecurity. I’ve been in very public relationships and very private ones too. What I can say is that keeping your private life private is probably […]

Another Chris Brown and Karrueche Split, Airing Exes Out On Social Media

I wonder how many times Karrueche’s name was misspelled over the weekend, I searched for the correct spelling and I still feel as though I’m spelling it wrong. Anywho, Chris Brown and Karrueche split for the 1000th time. It seems like this might finally be the end of this messy relationship, whether they stay together or not is […]

Is Rape a Joke to Our Youth?

On the 4th of July my aunt and uncle allowed their son, my sixteen-year-old cousin, to have a few friends over. The small gathering consisted of a few boys and two girls. At the end of the night the boys stayed over and the girls needed to make their way home. Unbeknownst to my uncle, […]

5 Reasons You Need to Stop Stalking Your Ex on Social Media

Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all stalked our exes on social media. Though we’ve all done this, it’s never worth your time. Here are five significant reasons you need to stop doing this right now. 1. Don’t let yourself be defined by TLC’s ”Creep” “So I creep, yeah Just Keep […]

So When Is The Right Time To Share Social Media With Relationship Interests?

When mixing and mingling with potential love interests, you find different ways to get to know them better. In the old days, you exchanged numbers and conversed on shared telephone lines hoping that your mom didn’t hop on the phone to toss salt on your pimpin’. In 2013, you have a plethora of ways to […]

Is it Ok for Committed Men to LIKE Other Women?

Last week, I wrote a post on 10 Tips Happily Married Men gave me on marriage. Of those 10 tips, only one received any significant amount of push back from mostly women readers. That was the following tip: Accept that other women are still attractive. This theme came up a few times. You’re beautiful and he loves […]

Leave Them Behind: 10 Things to Avoid on Social Media in 2013

In 2013, we will see the usual flux of New Year’s resolutionists declaring that THIS will be their year. They will talk about the change that will occur in their lives and how they will #BeTheBetter. While I have my own take on resolutions, I will agree that with a new year, some things should […]

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Revenge Of The Scorned Lovers: 5 Reasons Why Destroying A Cheater’s Possessions Is Wrong

During the course of our lives we will meet individuals who will bring us joy and pain. You will meet your fair share of Judases in your time, and this is completely evident on the dating scene. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Instagram proved it the other day. A young lady […]

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The Six Most Annoying Trends on Black Twitter

I’ve had my twitter account since January 2008. I’ve discussed almost every subject there is to discuss. It’s only natural that being on twitter for more than 4+ years and having followed over six hundred people, I’ve started to see certain themes become repetitive. Today I would like to share with you six topic I […]

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Slandering Your Exes Through Social Media

They should’ve never gave some of you people twitter. Yea, I said you people. Some of the things I see you humanoids do amaze me. Nothing crazier than the other night. It seems we were witness to a domestic quarrel featuring two ex lovers. Apparently, a dudes ex girl said some unfavorable things to him […]