Why Don’t You Care About the Baseball Playoffs?

mlb playoffs

With a breather in the MLB playoffs last night, it’s the perfect time to break down the League Championship Series. I don’t write much about baseball here for a couple reasons. First, I’m not that big a fan, that’s a topic for another post. Second, there are about a million writers out there breaking down […]

4 Sports Podcasts to Get You to Football Season


We are officially in the dog days of the sports summer. This is when all your favorite ESPN personalities take vacation. When the only game in town is baseball, and we’re somewhere between NBA Free Agency and the start of NFL/College football season. (For the record, Week 1 of training camp does not count as […]

He Wanted To Date My Job, Not Me

Ahyiana Angel Image By: Sean Pressely

I had to learn the hard way that every date is not a date. How so, you may ask. If it looks like a date, talks like a date, and the man pays like it’s a date…then one would likely look to call it a date. Right? I met him at an industry event and […]

4 Ways Being 30 Has Ruined My Sports Fandom

keep calm 30

30. I’m behind on all the goals I had for myself at this age when I was a kid. I was supposed to be a billionaire, astronaut, NBA player (point guard for the Pistons, #1 draft pick of course), Sportscenter anchor, and music mogul. Not a rapper, more like Diddy. Just talk shit on other […]

It’s the End of Days for Derrick Rose’s Knees, Tracy McGrady’s Suits, and NY Sports Fans


There is a lot going on in sports right now. But every once in a while, something happens in the sports world that stops you dead in your tracks. These things are bigger than a game. No more scrolling on Twitter. No more conversations with loved ones. No more laughs with friends. Some things make […]

This Is It: Same Old Sorry Ass Jets… & Giants


William H. Strafe, Streetz, Joe Sargent and the rest of the seveneighteen crew discuss whether or not the Giants should just throw in the towel and tank the rest of the season. Later, Strafe calls Jets fan Landon (@Harlem4Dais) for an “animated” Hater’s Call  after the Jets lost to the 0-4 Steelers on Sunday. (19 […]

SBM Sports: What Sunday’s Game Said About the Lakers’ Playoff Chances


As the Los Angeles Lakers battle back to .500 (um…) respectability the playoff race, they started off by beating the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday in a game that felt like a tense Game 7. In coming out ahead, I lost myself in the action, thoroughly enjoying the back-and-forth between two seemingly evenly matched teams. Afterwards, […]

Time to Face Facts: The New York Knicks are For Real


It’s finally time to admit it: the New York Knicks are contenders for the Eastern Conference — even if they did get blown out by the Rockets…twice. I thoroughly enjoy ribbing Knick fans because there is so much material (Isiah Thomas, 40 years without a title, Eddy Curry, Jerome James, etc.) and they always react. […]

A Few Days Later: So About the Cornball Brother…

RGIII and his fiancee.

This past Thursday Rob Parker of ESPN questioned Robert Griffin aka “RGIII” as being a down for the cause African-American man. His question was simply, “Is RGIII a brother or a cornball brother?” This comment sparked so much controversy and backlash for Parker throughout news outlets that even the outspoken Stephen A. Smith couldn’t back […]

The Un-winnable Game Black College Football Coaches Play

Jon Embree

Before getting into this post, I want to address the tragic situation surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m happy the team won this Sunday, but feel the game should have been delayed. Now three days after the shocking murder-suicide of Kasandra Perkins, there are still unanswered questions and unrest as everyone tries to unravel what […]