Are Men Responsible For Round 2 in the Bedroom?


Most times when I begin to write, I listen to a song or two just to get my mind right. Today the ipod was on shuffle and “Tap Out” comes on. How fitting, right? Maybe it’s more ironic considering today’s discussion. Last week I wrote a post entitled “Ladies, This Can be Why Round 2 […]

Ladies, This Can Be Why “Round 2″ Doesn’t Happen


Today’s post is dedicated to the discussion of sexual chemistry. To put it plainly, it’s an important attribute to any kind of sexual relationship. Through my discussions with friends and my own experience I’ve learned  few things. One of which is that a woman can take somethings personally. In this case, it’s where a guy […]

When is it OK to Deny Him S*x?

I bet she not even really sleep...I wonder if Kim is still up.

  I listen to a syndicated talk radio show and it seems like their sole purpose is to come up with inflammatory questions to ask their listeners each week. Last week’s question was: When is it OK to deny your husband xes? Responses fell into three general categories. Category 1: Never. Other than the monthly visit […]

Celibacy and the Single Woman

*Cover Art By Michael K. Wilson*

  Well folks, it’s finally here. As many of you already know, my e-book, my digital novella, my really long, short-story drops today. It’s called Secrets Discovered In Memoriam, and it explores the mind of a man trying to come to terms with his past and his emotional relation to it in the wake of  […]

Should Women Carry Condoms

Well, this is awkward.

Source: National Survey of S*xual & Health Behavior – Indiana University A couple quick statistics before we begin: 1 in 4 people in monogamous relationships reported using condoms 1 in 3 singles reported using condoms So, should women carry condoms? Or do they already? Whose responsibility is it to provide the protection? Why the hell are […]

Can You Love God & Sex?

I have been trying to figure out what this was billboard was advertising for over a week.

I have a confession to make, the readers really drive content on the site.  As a writer at, I can tell you most people read a post one time, but they’ll read the comments many times over.  And in our minds we’re able to classify our readers into several categories, so it’s no surprise […]

Are Modern Men Too Lazy to Court


The digital age. What a great time to be alive. Everything has gotten faster, smaller, easier but in some aspects, have things gotten too easy? In this instance, I’m referring to dating, especially for men. I had an interesting revelation the other day but I’ll get to that in a minute. I don’t know about […]

Women Love S*x, I Think…

Website: http://www.WisdomIsMisery Twitter: @WisdomIsMisery Women put a lot of emphasis on s*x. I’m not here to debate about who thinks about s*x more but I know for a fact that women think more about the intimacy of s*x WAAAY more. For example, I’ve never had a discussion with one of my homeboys about “making love” […]

Some Things Are Better Than S*x

S*x isn't the only thing that produces this face...

Having an orgasm is cool, but sometimes there’s more to life than busting a fat one. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get my horizontal reggae wrestle on and thunderclap that a$$ on a fairly regular basis once I find someone that makes me wanna repeatedly tickle their fancy and push the juice dispenser […]

Where? There.


With enough persistence, a guy can talk his girl into just about anything in between the sheets.  It’s no secret that it’s not that women won’t do certain things in bed, it’s just that she has to feel comfortable with the person she’s doing it with.  The right guy can have a woman doing all […]