Do Holidays Really Define Your Relationship?


 Share on Tumblr WisdomIsMisery wrote a piece called, Tis The Season: Time to Define Your Relationship. It was pretty dope, but then Patia decided to do a response from a woman’s perspective. It turned out pretty dope as well. Check it out. Twas the Monday before Thanksgiving and all through my house, Wisdom Is Misery’s words […]

Happy Thanksgiving from SBM and Eddie Murphy’s Delirious


 Share on Tumblr Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at SBM! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. Please eat and drink responsibly. Most importantly, remember that some family secrets are that way for a reason. Now Thanksgiving for me and my family always meant gathering around and watching some football, playing  few hands of Spades/Bid Whist, and this stand-up. Check it out. This […]

Tis The Season: Time to Define Your Relationship

Where's Keisha?

 Share on TumblrTraditionally, the holidays are filled with presents, joy, good food, family, and harmony and good will among your fellow man and woman. It’s a time of year when the welcoming warmth of a bed heated by the body of a significant other is a welcome break from the seasonal chill from outside. Yes, for many […]

We Be Grubbin: My Top 5 Thanksgiving Dishes


 Share on TumblrFor those who celebrate this holiday, Thanksgiving is a time for reflection. A time to give thanks to whatever deity you believe in for what you have in life. I love family holidays like this because with all of our busy lives, it’s hard to get my family all together to do anything. […]

Rekindling Old Flames with a Blast From the Past

 Share on TumblrWith the holidays nearing we will travel from whatever our locations are around the country to our hometowns. It’s an excellent time to visit family and friends, enjoy home cooked meals, and hang out with the old buddies. I always enjoyed this time home from brick ass cold Syracuse, NY. I enjoyed hanging […]

The Obligations of Holiday Dating

 Share on TumblrThe holidays are quickly approaching. Thanksgiving in a couple days, Black Friday after that, Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah, and then New Years. The holiday season can be great. I mean let’s think about it. You have less days to do work (hopefully). You’ll probably get at least 1 gift unless you’re just a terrible human being. […]