Why Some Men Are Afraid of Women

White Woman Yelling at Black Man

 Share on Tumblr Some men are afraid of women. I don’t mean physically – although some men are physically afraid of women. I mean mentally. Mentally speaking, most boys are terrified of women. This is why boys tell so many ignorant bold-faced lies that they could in no way shape or form ever get away […]

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When Keeping It Real Goes Right: An Honest First Date

Praying Black MAn

 Share on TumblrHave you ever gone out on a date, and wished you could cut through all the red tape and swindles and get to the heart of the matter. You want to ask the pertinent questions to know whether this outing will be worth your time or another loss registered in your dating career. […]

Engaged Black Male: 5 Signs Your Marriage Will Fail

"Just relax your lips and close your eyes! It's not that hard"

 Share on TumblrI Worry.  If I don’t grind hard enough, I won’t be rich.  If I don’t set at least 2 alarms, I’ll miss my flight.  Sh*t happens and I try hard to make sure it doesn’t happen to me. Now I find myself about to get married.  I am about to commit the rest […]

I Want a Girl When I Want a Girl, But When I Don’t…

Who knows how he'll feel tomorrow.

 Share on Tumblr  I want a girl when I want a girl. And when I don’t want a girl, I want a girl that understands that. And that’s some hard sh*t to explain… I was listenin’ to my ipod a few days ago when I heard Phonte from Little Brother (well, formerly Little Brother) spit […]

The Ugly Truth

You want the truth?

 Share on TumblrAs I was reading through the comments of the good Dr.’s post yesterday, there was a general sentiment expressed by the ladies that maybe men should be more forth right in their dealings instead of running intricate schemes in order to “win”.  Which is fine.  In the same breath, it was also revealed […]

Honesty … Its whats hot!

 Share on TumblrRemember that girl who told you “I’m perfectly fine with just a sexual relationship. I don’t need no man all up under me anyway” just to have her crying in your arms confessing her love to you and telling you it was all a lie … in just a few short weeks. Ever […]